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‘Absolute Madness’: Laura Ingraham Says Green New Deal Proponents Want To Make Americans Feel ‘Pain’

Fox News Host Laura Ingraham ripped into proponents of the Green New Deal Tuesday night, claiming they were deliberately “inflicting” pain on Americans.

“This isn’t happening by accident, they are inflicting this necessary pain on you,” Ingraham said. “They believe it’s necessary, it’s a sacrifice you should make, and the list of what the climate trolls demand to take from you to save the planet, that keeps growing.”

“The gas-powered cars, they want that out,” she said. “They want non-smart thermostats gone. They want to diminish farmland. Beef and other livestock, they want that out. Fertilizer, they want to control that. Generators – they don’t like your generators. Discretionary travel? Not so much. Leaf blowers, they’ve always hated those.”


President Joe Biden has called inflation and high gas prices “the Putin price hike,” but experts point to the Biden administration’s hostility toward fossil fuel production in the United States as a factor in the high prices.

Ingraham noted that the list of things “climate trolls” wanted to ban even reached into the kitchens of Americans.

“Gas ranges and gas heat,” she said. “You think I’m joking about gas ranges? In dozens of counties on the West Coast, where the ‘climate con trolls’ are most influential, they have already banned natural gas in residential homes. Now the nation’s capital is set to become the second East Coast city to ban gas boilers and water heaters. Now, this is absolute madness. It’s going to drive up the cost of home heating for those who can least afford it.”

Ingraham claimed those who back such bans don’t care about Americans and ignore the increased use of coal by other countries.

“They know their climate con is about to unravel and Americans are tired of being told to sacrifice as they see China and India doing whatever they damn well please on climate stuff,” Ingraham said. “Fossil fuels, forget about it, they will burn them — they don’t care. Using fear and intimidation, the trolls want to speed up the transition timeline before the voters have their say in November.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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  1. Biden lies and declares a “climate emergency” so he can issue illegal executive orders because Congress didn’t pass his massive climate change spending bill. It’s a “Globalist” scam. The truth is that Germany’s (and Europe’s) “Green New Deal” is not only responsible for their crashing economy but, along with U.S. policy, responsible for the Ukraine war. After decades of shutting down their nuclear and coal fired plants Germany (and most of Europe) gets at least 40% of its gas and oil from Russia and can’t survive without it. Nord Stream 1 ran from Russia through Ukraine to supply Germany (and all of Europe) with Russian gas and oil. It was problematic for Putin because he had to pay huge tariffs to Ukraine and more problematic as the U.S. kept pushing Ukraine to join NATO; a “red line” for Putin as it could have threatened the oil supply line and Russia’s main source of revenue. So then he built Nord Stream 2 which runs directly to Germany from Russia. Trump opposed it and Biden approved it. Trump even warned Germany about their dependence on Russian oil and they ignored him. Putin “owned” Europe with its gas and oil dependence, he saw Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan, witnessed his foreign policy ineptness and fecklessness; so it’s really no surprise he decided to attack.

    So while Biden says his sanctions will bankrupt Putin, the truth is that Germany and all of Europe are still buying Russian gas and oil, the Russian ruble is rising, the dollar is crashing and Putin (with Biden’s help) has castrated NATO. Gas prices and inflation will continue to rise and because of the lack of Russian fertilizer, worldwide food shortages are possible. There is also a new refugee crisis in Europe, hundreds of thousands will die, western economies are crashing and we are in a proxy war with Russia that we didn’t vote on, can’t afford, and can’t win. Way to go Brandon. Had enough yet America??

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