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Move Over Squad, The Quad is in Town

The Squad has been making noise and pushing the Democrat Party Left for four years. Led by AOC, this group of Congresspeople has been loud but ineffective. They have negatively influenced the party and, more importantly, the country. They garner media attention, but none of them have passed any significant legislation. We can only hope they are a passing fad.`

These members of the Squad were elected as a protest against Donald Trump. Activists, bartenders, and an ungrateful child rescued from a country in turmoil all hate this country and want to see it torn down and rebuilt in their image. They embrace socialism but probably could not define it. They had their moment in the spotlight, but the bell had tolled. It is time for them to move on. There is a new gang in town. The adults are back in charge.

A new class of women politicians is making their way through the primary system and gaining momentum. These women are young, over-achievers, ready to do what is necessary to bring this country back to normal, back to greatness.

This past Tuesday, four of these women were elected to move on against incumbents in November. They are a diverse group, with some white and some of color. They are mothers, professionals, and military trained. These women love America and are ready to reclaim it for their children and families. The women are nicknamed the Quad; they know their mission and are anxious to get started.

Winning For Women Action Fund has already seen success this election cycle with primary wins by Rep. Nancy Mace in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District and Monica De La Cruz in Texas’ 15th District, as well as Alabama Senate candidate Katie Britt advancing to a runoff Tuesday.

WFW AF was formed in 2019 to get conservative Republican women elected. So far, they are showing success in primaries and now need to keep the momentum going through the mid-terms.

Jen Kiggans defeated three challengers to win the nomination in Virginia’s coastal 2nd District and will take on U.S. Rep. Elaine Luria. And Yesli Vega, an auxiliary deputy and county-level elected official, prevailed in a crowded field in the central Virginia 7th District. Vega will face Rep. Abigail Spanberger in the general election, where Republicans are bullish about their chances of flipping the seats currently held by the two centrist Democrats.

These women are seasoned and serious. A former Navy helicopter pilot and a geriatric nurse practitioner, Kiggans has represented parts of Virginia Beach and Norfolk in the state Senate since 2020.

Yesli Vega, a military wife, mother, and law enforcement officer, embodies the American Dream. Born in Houston, Texas, to Salvadoran immigrants fleeing civil war, her family has taken full advantage of the freedom and opportunities available only in America.

Monica de la Cruz owns three successful small businesses and lives the American Dream. She believes in giving back to her community and has strong ties through her work with various community service organizations.

“Conservative women are built tough and are tired of being silenced by the Left and the media. That’s why I’m traveling the country campaigning for conservatives which include some of the strongest ladies I know. Now is not the time to sit back, but to press forward. I can’t wait to see the next class of freedom fighting women get elected,” Nikki Halley said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

The actions of Democrats in the last few years have woken a group of angry women who are ready to fight. They are fighting for the future of this country and, unlike the Squad, are mature, prepared, and ready for a real fight. These are just a few of the twenty-one women supported by WFW AF, and the group claims there are more to come.

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