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Jan. 6 Theater Is Pushing Swing State Voters Away From Dems: REPORT

Republican voters in Nevada who watched the Jan. 6 Select Committee hearings labeled them “reprehensible” and “disgusting” while becoming more supportive of former President Donald Trump, NBC News reported Friday.

“It might as well be impeachment No. 3 for Donald Trump,” Judy Cameron, a retiree in Reno and Republican primary voter, told NBC News. “This is their big push to get Donald Trump off the ballot.”

The voters in the swing state instead directed their anger towards the select committee, which reportedly has shifted its focus to persuading the Justice Department to file charges and to make changes to the Electoral Count Act, according to NBC News.

“It’s all political and designed to try to prevent Donald Trump from running for president again,” Tom Berenato of Clark County said to NBC News, pointing to the exclusion of opposing views by Pelosi.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to allow Republican Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana to be seated on the committee, prompting a Republican boycott. Pelosi later appointed Republican Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, both outspoken critics of Trump, to the panel.

The select committee held three hearings since June 9, and after the second hearing multiple liberal media outlets hyped the potential of fraud charges against Trump.

Voters’ views remained unchanged after testimony from former attorney general William Barr and former Trump campaign manager Bill Slepian, NBC News reported, noting that Republican voters dismissed the officials as Republicans In Name Only (RINOs).

The Republican Party chairmen for Clark and Washoe counties did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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  1. It should enrage every American that we have dozens of citizens locked up unconstitutionally for a year and a half with no due process and no bail. For what? Trumped up “trespassing” charges in a riot where nothing was burned, no weapons were found on anyone, and the only person killed that day was an unarmed protester. Now some will be charged with “sedition”. I say the Jan. 6 committee and all the Democrats are the real seditionists who lied continuously for four years and two impeachments to oust a duly elected President. They have such hate and TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) that they continue to conspire, even though he is no longer President, because they want to prevent him from ever running again.

    And, oh yeah, the same Democrats who cheered on the riots in the summer of 2020 that caused untold billions in damage and killed at least 19 innocent Americans. The riots started by the race baiting, anti-family, anti-Christian, avowed Marxists who started BLM. And then the same Democrats wanted no consequences for the rioters and championed the “defund the police” and “no bail” policing that are still killing police and innocents in an epic crime wave across America. And then there’s Biden’s illegal open border that allows in millions; including criminals, cartels, terrorists and the Chinese made fentanyl that literally kills a hundred thousand Americans every year.

    Wake up America. Every single Democrat must be defeated in November and then we need to oust the RHINO’s or our country will be lost.

  2. All Rinos must be defeated. They are the weak link in the Republican party. As for the jan6 gang, they can go jump in a lake, they are all wet anyway. Their lies don’t hold much water anymore, only their brains do. After so many years of listening to their lies and BS it’s about time they were shut down for good. Let them go home and sit on their porches and watch the insects carry their victims to their ant hills, webs, holes in the ground. They’ll enjoy that kind of violence. It’s what they live for. But they will not be honored anymore, they will be done. Overdone maybe.

  3. I am enraged that American Citizens who walked into the Capital are sitting in Washington D.C. jails for trespassing! A 72 Vietnam Vet, in a dungeon in his own country! What is wrong with this Justice Dept. The FBI should be completely dismantled, along with the CIA!!! Whoever runs for GOP will get my vote if they promise to release these patriots and revoke the Patriot Act!!!!!!

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