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Can I Get Alcohol Delivered?

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            If you find yourself frequently searching for wine near me online or in stores, you might be wondering if there are services available that allow you to get alcohol delivered right to your door. In the last several years, a handful of alcohol delivery services have become increasingly popular and spread their reach to a multitude of cities across the country. In part, this is because of widespread lockdowns creating a demand for more delivery services for goods like food and drinks. This has created a new booming industry for consumers that provides both convenience and jobs for people who have experienced fallout from the pandemic. If you’re wondering whether you can get alcohol delivered, there are a few factors to consider that may affect the answer. Keep reading to learn more!


            The first determining factor for drink delivery is location. These services for a while were primarily available in large cities such as LA and New York. Now, however, many of these services have expanded to a much wider range of locations making it a more accessible service for more people. Smaller cities and towns may not have access to immediate delivery, but may still be able to order wholesale or get wine shipped to them through the mail using one of these services. However, no matter where you live it’s worth searching for alcohol delivery in your location. It just depends on the service you choose!

Find a Service

            Finding a service is easy, but you want to make sure you go with one that has the best range of options, fastest delivery time and most importantly delivers in your city or town. The best services will have a wide range of items from typical liquor stores. This includes drinks of all kinds, of course, but can also include nicotine and vape products or snacks! Additionally, you’ll want a service that’s actually going to save you the time of going to the store. Delivery times on the most reliable services, like Saucey, take between 30 minutes to an hour depending on where you are specifically. For that convenience, it’s crazy that we’ve gone so long without reliable drink delivery! The final factor to think about here is of course where the service delivers to. Certain services have a bigger range of delivery locations, and these companies are expanding their reach every day. So if you’re not in one of their preferred locations for delivery, you just might be soon. Plus, you can still order alcohol, it just may take a little bit longer to arrive than it would in a preferred demand zone.


            The biggest benefit of using a delivery service for your wine and other provisions is the convenience! It does cost a little more than it might in store, but for the comfortability of staying at home and kicking back while you wait for your drinks to arrive the extra cost is more than worth it. Another benefit is that you won’t waste time and money looking for a particular item and finding that your local store doesn’t carry it or has sold out. With a delivery service, you get the whole liquor store right at your fingertips without having to browse through shelves and compromise what you actually want with what the store has.

Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering

            Keep in mind that wherever you get your drinks delivered to, someone age 21 or older needs to be there to sign for the delivery. This is why it’s important to make sure you order your drinks to your home or a location where you or another adult will be. If not, the courier will likely not be able to release your order and cause you more headaches than convenience. This is especially important for retailers or wholesale buyers that may be ordering to their store or business. Keep in mind that any employees you have under 21 will not be able to sign for your alcohol delivery.

            In short, if you’re asking yourself if you can get alcohol delivered, the answer is a resounding yes. Alcohol delivery has never been easier than it is today. The best services have on demand locations which means that you can get your order delivered in under an hour in some cases, with the max amount of time being roughly an hour. If you don’t live in your service’s preferred delivery location, you can still get your favorite wines shipped to you at fair shipping costs and you’re still saving yourself the hassle of going to the store and risking not being able to find what you’re looking for. So what are you waiting for, try out an alcohol delivery service today. You won’t regret adding this convenience to your life!

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