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Biden Speaks (lies) to AFL-CIO. Facts Matter

Joe Biden spoke to the AFL-CIO this week in what can only be called a stump speech. It was a campaign speech complete with volume changes from whispers to yelling. It was big on style but weak on content. His speech was filled with lies and was both embarrassing and insulting.

I think we are starting to see the media call out Biden in his speeches filled with myth and short on facts. The fact is that Joe Biden does not only stretch the truth but rewrites it. How does he get away with this? Why is he not called out for his apparent mistruths? Joe Biden is losing the support of the media as they realize that his Presidency is beyond salvation, and the media needs to look to self-preservation.

Biden began his speech by patronizing everyone in attendance. Speaking with a phone accent he thanked the members for bringing him home. He claimed to run on the promise of the most pro-union president in history, and he claims he has delivered. He might want to explain that to those who have lost their jobs due to his war on the fossil fuel industry.

Biden then immediately went into his attack on the economy on the day he was inaugurated. He failed to qualify his comparison with the Pandemic and did not refer to the Trump Pre-COVID economy. He talked about the three thousand Americans dying per day under Trump, while more people died during the Biden term than during the Trump term. Facts matter. He called out the twenty million lost jobs but again did not refer to the country shutting down due to COVID. Facts matter.

I’m not kidding, believe me, and I am being honest, are his go-to phrases, and if he were not lying continuously, he would not have to use such terms. He reiterates that Wall Street did not build America, but the unions did. Of course, he forgets to say where the investments come from to fund the building of America. Facts matter.

He spoke of the rich getting richer at the expense of the middle-class but did not mention the highest increase in middle-class wages in history under Trump. Facts matter. He talks about the spending bills he has passed and the trillions of dollars put into creating jobs but does not talk about how those dollars created the fastest and highest inflation rate in history. That inflation hurts every American, has eaten up all gains made by Trump on wages and is a “tax” on us all.

He claims the fastest growing economy in the world, which is false, but our economy contracted in the first quarter of 2022, and we are on the verge of a recession should that trend continue into the second quarter. Because of the Biden Inflation, the Fed has raised interest rates impacting mortgage and credit card rates. These, like inflation, will impact everyone. Facts matter.

When he talks about the jobs created under his watch, he does not say we are still below pre-Pandemic employment levels. Under Biden, we are chasing numbers set by Trump, but the Biden Economy is setting us back years. He talks about the increases in the Stock Market under his watch while we have given back all of the Trump gains and 401K levels will delay retirement for millions.

The union members in attendance cheered him on, which says they do not understand or know the truth. As long as there is a high level of ignorance of the truth, Biden’s lies will work with some people. We have to work hard to spread the truth, because facts matter.

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