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4 Signs of a Great Washington DC Billboard

Washington, DC December 26, 2019: Capital One Arena entrance with advertisement of Wizards NBA basketball NBA team

Being that Washington DC is the home of the President of the United States and is the epicenter of the United States’ politics and the location of many national landmarks, advertising in this internationally-known city is pivotal for many businesses, big and small. 

Washington DC, the city without a state, pulls in a massive number of up-and-coming politicians and a tremendous number of tourists who are interested in having a first-hand experience in this powerful place.

In order to attract these national and international visitors and residents, tapping into the marketing opportunities that can be galvanized by having Washington DC billboards can be a vital part of your ad campaign, especially if your target demographic consists of young professionals and travelers.

But keep in mind that Washington DC does not only consist of these straightforward interests. There are a multitude of neighborhoods and thus a wide variety of demographic niches that expand beyond politics.

Therefore, in order to be on your way to having a great Washington DC billboard, it is integral to have it located in the right locations, including traffic for potential ad attention and magnets for various niches.

The first of our four signs of a great Washington DC billboard as an advertising route for you to embark on, let’s take a deep look at who lives in Washington DC.

Demographics for Washington DC

According to the data from the United States Government Census, Washington DC has a population of over 690,000 people, with 52.6% of that pool of people being female.

In terms of racial demographics, the black and white population is basically equal, with 46.0% of Washington DC identifying as black and another 46.0% of the population being white.

People of Latin descent make up 11.3% of the population, and Asian people account for 4.5% of the population.

Even with all of that expansive diversity, there is unfortunately still, 15.0% of the population living in poverty.

In order to attract niche areas of people that you desire for your marketing campaign, your Washington DC billboard investments will need to have some smart strategies in place before they are launched.

Fairfax for Billboards

The Fairfax, Virginia area is only 17 miles west of Washington DC and is rather small, with a population of over 24,000 residents.

Coming with lots of culturally interesting activities for people to engage with, ranging from music and shopping to outdoor dining, it will always draw in those individuals with a taste for mentally engaging experiences.

Local facts to keep in mind when advertising with billboards in Fairfax, Virginia, include:

Education is a reason why many families may move to the area due to the reputation of Fairfax County Public Schools, which ranks in the top ten largest school systems in the United States, the biggest in Virginia, and it also frequently tops US News & World Reports’ list of the Top Schools in the United States of America.

There is definitely money to be made in Fairfax Country because it continually ranks in the Top 5 of Forbes‘ list of wealthiest counties in America.

In the area of healthcare, Fairfax County is where you will find hospitals that rank as the best in the region by US News & World Reports.

Business is booming in Fairfax County, with its over 116 million square feet of space; Fairfax County has the second biggest suburban office market in the United States and the biggest in the Washington, DC area.

As of 2020, eleven Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in Fairfax, along with the successful county offering the largest concentration of technology jobs of any major American market.

Your billboards also benefit from the ability to reach a large swath of travelers, with Fairfax County having more attractions than any other area in Northern Virginia and has more than 19,000 hotel rooms; plus is surrounded by three airports: Ronald Reagan National Airport, Baltimore/Washington International Airport, and Washington Dulles International.

Georgetown for BIllboards

NCAA college basketball fans will be well aware of Georgetown University, one of the most popular universities in Washington DC and one of the top research universities in the United States.

If you are wondering just how important it is to be able to have your billboard available to advertise to those 19,000 students, just take one look at the alumni that have taken classes within the walls of Georgetown University, including hundreds of members of the United States government, including governors, senators, white house staff, cabinet-level officers, and numerous judges and business CEOs.

Washington DC billboards in Georgetown could help you reach the high levels of tourism that swarm towards the luxurious dining and shopping-related buildings in the area.

Arlington for Billboards

Investing your marketing dollars into Washington DC billboards could also be a good call in Arlington, Virginia, a population almost ten times that of Fairfax, and only about five miles away from Washington D.C.

But make sure that you can find an organic way to match the preferences of the people in Arlington to the products and services that you are promoting.

Arlington’s neighborhood typically attracts people interested in exploring the outdoors with its large number of parks, hiking spaces, and exercise trails.

There are also a multitude of places that call Arlington home, such as The Pentagon, Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, The Air Force Memorial, Arlington Art Center, and the United States Marine Corps War Memorial.

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