What’s Wrong with The Trans/LGBTQ Crowd?

If something is “natural” then it’s in keeping with the laws of nature, as the natural world strives for the perpetuation of all species. If a species can’t survive, then it dies out and becomes extinct.

Men and women, male and female, are the devices nature uses to assure the continuation of humans on earth, and so far we’ve been so successful at reproducing our own kind, that we’ve nearly over-populated the planet, and that’s proof that the boy/girl thing is indeed successful and is in accord with nature.

Gays, Trans and the LGBTQ people are out of sync with nature because they are generally not helping to provide more humans to the mix. And don’t protest that last statement with some malarkey about gays indeed occasionally having children, because anyone with any sense knows exactly what the reference is.

So, gay, Trans and LGBTQ practices are out of sync with nature, and to that point they are unnatural. In this present, more enlightened era beginning in the 1960s, these people have even become accepted, if not outright approved, by the broader society, but lately have become represented in polite, woke society in numbers far in excess of their actual statistical percentage in the population in general.

The Biden administration has gone out of its way to include these people in Joey’s woke staffing of the White House, never mind that the Biden White House is the most far-left such governmental staff ever to be hired, and the Biden approval rating is the lowest ever seen for a president during his first year in office, whatever that tells us about Joey’s White House staffing decisions and the attitude of Americans toward White House staffing under our beloved Joey.

But why are these statistically small numbers of people so greatly represented in the public leftist community today? They’ve convinced the Disney corporation to make one misstep after another in trying to tempt children into joining their radical lifestyle, which has caused the American population to believe that the current executives at Disney are way out of step with the formerly happy and pleasant industry that Walt Disney created.

And why are purple, Mohawk hair styles and multiple body and face piercings and tattoos the norm for these people, unless they thrill at the idea of shocking the people who make up the “natural” part of the U.S. population? And why is parading in public in nonsense attire so important to them? They’ve achieved greater than mere acceptance in America, and in general have higher education levels and higher incomes than straights, so why go out of their way to upset everyone after having achieved the level of success and acceptance they have? Is there some pleasure to be had in their knowing that straight people are being shocked by their behavior? The shame is that this acceptance they have now, may reverse itself if this group remains on the behavioral outside of society.

And add to this quandary the insistence from the radical left that men have periods and can birth a child, and that women are merely “birthing people” who “chest feed” their children, and it seems we have a bunch of people who deny nature and biology and only want to cause a ruckus.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. There are too many gays, transgenders, and the confused for it to have been an error of nature. It has been indoctrination that is causing a whole village full of kids to feel this way. And then there are some older people all of a sudden deciding they’re gay or transgender. What gives? This is way too unnatural to be real. They get special “rights” and are protected. That isn’t fair. Everyone but the unborn have the same rights as anyone else. Time for those pushing this garbage on our kids to be exiled. The people who are supporting this need it to be exiled too before this becomes our next pandemic.

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