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[Video] Pre-School Teacher Brags About Indoctrinating Young Children With Gender Insanity

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One of the more outrageous examples of leftist hypocrisy was the recent doxxing of the owner of the Twitter account known as Libs Of TikTok by leftwing activist/reporter Taylor Lorenz of the Washington Post. The account’s primary goal is to simply take videos of radical leftists –  many of whom are either part of or sympathetic to the LGBTQ movement – that they themselves have posted – and put them in a Tweet. In other words, Libs Of TikTok merely takes videos that were already willingly made public and simply puts them on display on their Twitter account.

One of the unintended consequences of Lorenz’s doxxing was an increased awareness of Libs Of TikTok and a sizeable surge in their following. Now that more people are aware of the account, the exposure they’re giving to the radicalness of leftism is even more valuable. Thank you, Taylor Lorenz.

One such video is the one below, which must be seen to be believed:

When we consider that “pre-school” generally covers children aged 3 to 5, the outrageousness of the woman’s bragging comes into clearer focus.

“I currently work at a preschool, and I have just the story, from today, one of the little girls was asking a little boy, ‘Why do you wear fingernail polish?’ And I responded, ‘Boys can wear fingernail polish, it’s not just a girl thing, anyone can wear it.’ And I could tell she was confused.”

And we bet she was. Pre-schoolers, as a general rule, are easily confused. And when wack-jobs like yourself are spewing woke nonsense to them.

That confession was troubling enough, and is cause for any parent whose young ones are being “taught” by this person to either demand her firing or to pull their kids from the school immediately. But the subject of nail polish and four-year-olds is one thing, her next statement is quite another. It’s enough to make any parent’s blood boil.

“I love taking every opportunity to break down the stereotype and empower all genders. Not just boys and girls, but they, and them, nonbinary, all of the above.”

This is the mindset of so many on the left. We saw it with the Disney controversy in Florida and one executive’s “not so secret gay agenda” with children’s programming. We saw it with the absolute meltdown from the left with Florida’s Parental Rights In Education law.

The radical left, which has now become the base of the Democratic Party, has no use for parental rights. They view your children, all children, as property of the state and subjects for their indoctrination. Not only do they view the task of brainwashing your kids with wokeness as acceptable, they see it as their duty.

It’s happening folks. This is how out-of-control these people have become, and we must all stand up to it and reject it.

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Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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  1. Look out!!! The little kiddies in school, maybe daycares, have become the new guinea pigs for the leftist zombies to try their experiments on. There is a whole generation, or two or three, who are batty and they are getting away with using whatever they desire on the innocent ones. Time to not only wake up, but time to get out of bad and do something about this.

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