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Top Trans Medical Org Used Castration Fetish Site For Research To Develop Guidance For Doctors

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) developed its latest medical guidelines using information from a site that hosts pedophilic fantasy porn and castration fetish content.

WPATH, which sets medical standards for transgender medical procedures according to U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, released new draft guidelines Dec. 3, 2021 which include “eunuch” as a gender identity. The organization pulled information from a website called “Eunuch Archive,” which hosts thousands of members who discuss their castration fantasies and, according to WPATH, hosted a popular post providing instructions for self-castration.

WPATH referenced stories of self-castration shared on the site to argue that healthcare providers must castrate individuals for their own safety if they believe a person will likely chemically or surgically castrate themselves outside of the formal medical setting otherwise.

“For the purpose of Standards of Care, we define eunuch as an individual assigned male at birth whose testicles have been surgically removed or rendered non-functional, and who identifies as a eunuch,” the guidance states. “They ask for castration, to become eunuchs, because they are eunuch-identified. They may also benefit from eunuch community because of the identification – with or without actual castration.”

The guidance also claims “eunuch-identified people may suffer the same minority stress as other stigmatized groups.”

WPATH said its guidance drew heavily from the Eunuch Archive, which it calls “the greatest wealth of information about contemporary eunuch-identified people” while also acknowledging the site contains misinformation and sexual fantasies.

The connection between WPATH and Eunuch Archive was the subject of an investigation by Reduxx.

The Eunuch Archive’s Fiction Archive, which the WPATH guidance described as “filled with fantasy,” contains hundreds of erotic fantasy stories about castration, child castration, pedophilia, sexual torture, performing medical experiments on prepubescent boys, slavery fetishes and racial abuse. One story on the site advertises themes of “nonconsensual male milking, genital amputation, and extreme sexual peril.”

An FAQ document posted to the site in 1998 recommended various online groups including torture and bondage forums for users to share pornographic images. The FAQ describes the fascination with becoming a eunuch as a fetish and encourages users to “[ask] for a cutter]” or ask for “partners for castration play” on the website.

The Eunuch Archive and WPATH did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

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