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Hacked Docs Reveal How China Is Fine-Tuning Its Genocidal Methods

China considers its genocide against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities an impressive achievement, according to hacked internal documents released by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Tuesday.

Zhao Kezhi, China’s minister of public security, reportedly praised the accomplishments of China’s concentration camps during a speech in Urumqi, China, in June 2018, according to hacked documents and analysis provided by Dr. Adrian Zenz, senior fellow and director of China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

“For those affected by the influence of extremist religious thought, [Xinjiang] conducted centralized transformation through education, forming an effective initial mechanism for centralized education, care and assistance, skills training, [and] hands-on employment training; [this] has achieved the result of transforming one person through education, steadying a household, stabilizing a region,” Zhao reportedly said, the documents revealed.

China has maintained its concentration camps are “vocational, education and employment training centers” since Aug. 2018, after originally denying their existence when first asked five months prior.

Zhao reportedly identified 10 successful aspects of China’s genocide during the speech which he dubbed “The 10 Well-Dones.” The internal documents revealed that Zhao commended the efforts of China’s “strike hard” campaign, a purported anti-terrorism initiative launched in 2014 to target Islamic extremism in the wake of ethnic unrest as well as a series of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang in 2013.

Zhao said China had experienced no violent terrorist attacks and had successfully destroyed 20,000 “dangerous terrorist gangs” in the year preceding his June 2018 speech, according to the documents.

“Through more than a year of extraordinarily arduous hard work, the phase-specific goal of ‘in one year stabilize [the region]’ has been achieved,” Zhao reportedly said during his Urumqi speech, according to the documents. “The overall social situation in Xinjiang is stable, the situation is controllable, stability is improving, which made a major contribution to the overall situation of the nationwide counterterrorism struggle, and also created a safe and stable social environment for the reform and development of Xinjiang.”

Zhao also said China had done a “good job” promoting ethnic unity, implementing national language education and in “de-extremification,” citing China’s efforts to ban underground preaching, restrict the studying of the Quran and target “wild imams,” the documents revealed.

“There are many files that have not been released yet. Many of them contain personal information not suitable for release into the public domain,” Zenz told The Daily Caller News Foundation during a press conference Wednesday. The hacked documents were reportedly obtained by a third party within the Xinjiang police computer network, according to a press release from Victims of Communism.

The Chinese Embassy did not respond immediately to TheDCNF’s request for comment.

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