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[WATCH] Lightfoot Lit Up! Chicago Mayor Destroyed By Blunt Reporter

The Blue State Conservative

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s incompetence has been well documented by The Blue State Conservative, and with Bill DeBlasio now out the door in New York City, she is quite possibly the worst mayor in America. By virtually every metric, Lightfoot has failed miserably, including with crime, economy, and community relations. No matter what prism we view Lightfoot’s performance through, she’s been a disaster.

But seldom do we witness anyone take Lightfoot to task in such a skillful manner as we do when Newsmax reporter William Kelly questions her. Such was the case this week. Watch:


Kelly has taken a page out of the leftwing media’s playbook by unveiling his actual question at the end of a lengthy statement:

“Across the street we had a police officer, on-duty, the victim of a hit-and-run. We have Michigan Avenue, the ‘Magnificent Mile,’ is now referred to as the ‘Mile of Fear.’ The water tower place has thrown the keys back to the lender, they say they don’t want to be in Chicago anymore. Real Chicagoans are asking me, ‘How could you possibly even consider running for re-election as Mayor of the City of Chicago after all the harm that you’ve caused?’”

The difference between Kelly’s questions and those that were frequently thrown at Donald Trump and more recently at prominent Republicans like Ron DeSantis is that Kelly uses real-life, factual examples. What’s striking about this exchange is Lightfoot’s unwillingness to even defend or explain herself.

Lightfoot wouldn’t be “dignifying” anything or anyone if she was to counter with some factual evidence. And merely disagreeing with someone “fundamentally” doesn’t go very far when you don’t have a reasonable comeback. Lightfoot is disarmed by Kelly because Kelly cites reality.

Last year’s murder rate in Chicago was the highest in a quarter-century as the violent crime rate skyrocketed across the city. After her constant demonization of law enforcement, Lightfoot’s relationship with the police is horrendous. She totally botched her handling of COVID and public-school closings. And citizens are fleeing the city in previously unseen numbers. Chicago is a hell hole, and Lightfoot is to blame.

While Lightfoot has not publicly declared whether she will seek a second term, reports have indicated that she is considering the idea. It is this notion that not only “dignifies” William Kelly’s query, it requires it. Indeed, Mayor Lightfoot, how could you possibly consider running again after all the damage you’ve caused? Please do all Chicagoans a favor and sit the next one out.

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  1. Yet Demwits tell me there is no problem in Chicago. Newsflash: because some hayseed from Kokomo, Indiana survives a train jaunt and lunch in the city does not mean they know what is going on in the city. Go Kelly!

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