Shaking, Rattling And Rolling International, Radical Leftists

Here are two examples of international leftists, which are usually led by American Democrat leftists, demonstrating how their plans are being upset by current events at a time when they thought they would be ruling the roost and not suffering from their own exploding, anti-American policies:

1) Elon Musk buys Twitter, the company that trashed the American constitution by denying free expressions of thoughts and comments on current events, and even banned the president of the United States from posting comments, while allowing the Mullahs in terrorist Iran to post all of the “Kill America” comments they wanted, and the political left goes completely nuts protesting the fact that a billionaire, Mr. Musk, would rule the content and posting rules of the Twitter platform, in spite of the fact that Jack Dorsey, also a billionaire, currently runs the platform and denies conservative Americans the ability to post comments on it, and the far left sees nothing to worry about with that denial of constitutional rights.

2) Vladimir Putin launches a war against Ukraine, and after a month of vicious fighting the advantage seems to have shifted to the Ukraine military, which has destroyed many of Russia’s tanks and recently sank a major Russian battleship in the Black Sea, and has withstood the withering Russian army attacks, which were largely horrendous attacks on civilian populations. So now, with a badly beaten Russian army, the world may no longer have to fear how strong the Russian forces appear to be, but will be willing take a stand against Putin and call his bluff if he tries to throw his weight around in the future, because with an army that is currently tied down and fighting for its life in Ukraine, there’s not much fighting old Vlad can do in other parts of the world with his attention directed at little Ukraine, with no relief in sight.

The American left and the Russian Communists are losing their wars on the idea of Western Freedoms and free speech, and they are learning that the freedoms represented by America will not be denied to people who actively defend themselves and our constitution.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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