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Psaki Is Leaving, So…. Who’s Next?

The Blue State Conservative

When the news broke yesterday that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is planning to leave the Joe Biden Administration for a gig at MSNBC next month, most people’s first reaction was: she’s not leaving the Biden team, she’s just moving to a different department.

The next thought, however, was to question the motive. If Psaki’s choice to ride off into that liberal sunset is a decision entirely of her own making, we are presented with one irony: A blatant leftist is jumping ship from one of the most leftwing administrations we’ve ever had in favor of chasing the almighty dollar in a private-sector job and thereby exploiting that evil system known as capitalism.

If other administration officials are forcing Psaki out for whatever reason – perhaps for, oh, I don’t know… catastrophically low polling numbers –  we encounter another irony: We have a disastrous administration that is failing at virtually every one of its responsibilities, and they’re shooting the messenger? AKA, Jen Psaki? If indeed, Biden’s team is forcing Psaki out the door, such an effort would be akin to a lousy restaurant firing a random waitress because the customers and cuisine critics think their food stinks.


It’s not unusual to have high levels of turnover in presidential administrations. It seemed like every time we turned around with President Trump, someone was leaving and someone else was coming in. Presidents and their administrations make adjustments, and priorities shift; it’s understandable. In fact, one could argue strongly that Biden, assuming he even knows what day it is, needs to do a lot more housecleaning if he’s going to turn things around. So, let’s consider three of the most deserving candidates who should be looking over their shoulders:

Chief of Staff, Ron Klain: Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris were elected to their positions, meaning the only way for them to be removed from office would be impeachment (not a bad idea, but it’s not going to happen with Democrats controlling Congress), resignation (which isn’t going to happen because neither Biden nor Harris can even spell “resignation”), or a utilization of the 25th amendment. So, next in line should be Klain. When a baseball team loses 110 games in a season, the general manager is going to be the first guy to go, and Klain should have been fired months ago.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin: The Afghanistan withdrawal last summer was arguably the worst military fiasco in American history, and if we had a president with any commitment to accountability, Austin would have been out the door by Halloween. If you run the Pentagon, and if the Pentagon shits the bed with such a sensitive operation, you should find yourself on the unemployment line. But Lloyd Austin has one major fact in his favor: he’s a minority. And if you’re high on the left’s intersectional hierarchy, you can be awful at your job without fear of losing it; lest Biden be accused of being a racist.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: If one of us had taken two months off from our job last summer for paternity leave – even though our child was adopted – and if those things for which we are responsible crashed and burned in our absence, as was the case with Buttigieg and the continuing supply chain crisis, we would have found a pink slip on our desk the moment we returned to work. But, like Lloyd Austin, Pete Buttigieg is protected. Mayor Pete is gay, you see, which means he can botch his job as much as he wants without worrying about losing it. Because, if Biden fires him, he’ll face outrage from the left and accusations of homophobia.

Ultimately it doesn’t really matter. The problem with the White House Staff isn’t really Ron Klain, the problem with our military isn’t really Lloyd Austin, and the problem with our Department of Transportation isn’t really Pete Buttigieg. The problem is our president and the malfunctioning leftist ideology to which he is committed. If any of these three buffoons are sent packing, there will be an equally incompetent buffoon ready to fill his shoes. The solution to this predicament is to remove Democrats from power, particularly in the Executive Branch. Let’s go, Brandon!

Featured photo by The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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