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Knucklehead Of The Week: Jon Stewart… From Likeable Comedian To Racist Preacher [VIDEO]

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Jon Stewart isn’t your typical, leftist comedian/talk show host. For one thing, Jon Stewart walked away from an extremely successful stint on Comedy Central with “The Daily Show” in 2015 at the ripe old age of 52, not a common career path for leftists who love money but pretend to hate capitalism. But what is most notable about Stewart’s career is that he was actually funny, and at times hilarious. Check out this video for an example. Yet we learned this week that, apparently, Stewart’s decision to reduce his workload seven years ago had the unforeseen side effect of also reducing his common sense.

Winner: Jon Stewart promotes the lie of ‘white privilege’ and takes race-based stereotypes to a new level.

We knew that Stewart’s most recent episode of his weekly talk show on Apple TV was headed in an ugly direction by the mere title of the show: “The Problem With White People.” As is always the case, if we substitute races for a statement and assess whether that statement is problematic, we can easily arrive at the truth. And the fact is, if anyone aired a show called “The Problem With Black People,” there would be outrage, and rightfully so.


Stewart employed an interesting tactic in trying to promote and justify the angle he was going to take. For his discussion, he had three other guests, all of whom were white. Therefore, you see, if white people are saying how bad white people are, it’s OK. It’s a similar approach to bringing anti-Israel Jewish folks onto a show to talk about the Holy Land… “See, even Jewish people agree with my anti-Semitism.”

Of the three guests on the show, there were two that essentially provided an echo chamber for Stewart, as Chip Gallagher and Lisa Bond – a leftist college professor and a professional race hustler, respectively – mostly nodded their heads and affirmed any point that Stewart tried to make. But the third guest, author Andrew Sullivan, had the pleasure of being the odd man out in a three-against-one debate, and Sullivan handled himself marvelously.

From the very beginning of the show, we could see where Stewart was going:

“I think white people put blame on black people for the position that they are in. And then believe that white people will lose something in order for black people to gain it.”

So much for the taboo of stereotyping, eh Jon? When you say, “the position that they are in,” what exactly do you mean? If we are to truly get beyond racism and establish better relations between the races, shouldn’t we avoid lumping everyone together based on skin color? Isn’t that what caused a lot of these problems to begin with?

The proper approach for all of us, black, white, and every color in between, is to not blame anyone’s skin color for anything: good or bad. Personal responsibility is fundamental. Our assumptions should be that everyone’s “position” was achieved by a combination of merit, accountability, blessings, and sometimes dumb luck. That’s called life.

The exchange that followed between Sullivan and Stewart was golden, however, and is the primary reason why Stewart finds himself being honored as the week’s top knucklehead. Here’s the video:


Sullivan: “It’s hard to agree with the very premises that are being expressed tonight. As if everything is already settled. We know this country is, for example, a white supremacy. Well, I don’t believe that. I think it’s possibly the most absurd hyperbole I’ve ever heard. I’m an immigrant, so I have a slightly different view of this. I can tell you, America in 2022 is the most multi-racial, multi-cultural, tolerant, diverse, melting pot that has ever existed on planet earth.”

Stewart: “The fact that you’re an immigrant speaks volumes, it means you chose to come here. But America didn’t start that way for black people. They didn’t immigrate here. They were living somewhere else and were kidnapped, and raped, and murdered, and taken here. And for you to just say ‘This is a magnificent place that doesn’t have racism’ is actually, I think, more of a foundational lie than anything else.”

Utterly remarkable. Sullivan made an excellent, well-reasoned point that Stewart just blew off in favor of maintaining his narrative. And Sullivan did so from a perspective that the three stooges who joined him on the panel cannot appreciate: from that of an immigrant.

Indeed, the Africans who were taken as slaves were kidnapped, and many were raped and murdered. Slavery was absolutely brutal, and it is our nation’s worst blemish; our original sin. But that was over 157 years ago. There isn’t a single person living right now that knew a slave. In fact, there are very few people who even knew someone who knew a slave. Slavery ended over six generations ago, and that’s the best Jon Stewart has? That’s what he’s using to justify the “position” of an entire race?


Stewart and his two sidekicks spent the rest of the show disregarding Sullivan’s points about “anti-white extremism” and talking over him while hollering about white privilege. Did Stewart and his cronies bother to explain how it is – if white privilege is so prevalent – that Asians are better educated and make higher incomes than white people? Did Stewart explain how it is – if white privilege is so prevalent – that prominent people like Rachel Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren feel the need to pretend to not be white? Of course not. Because to answer those questions would be to expose their lie. And it is for this reason that Jon Stewart is a knucklehead.

Honorable Mention #1: President Joe Biden tells a doozy about what Americans will save with renewable energy.

Whenever Joe Biden says something that’s just plain stupid, we know it’s because he’s an idiot, and this is the most common type of Biden misstep. Whenever he makes things up, like when he tells everyone about how he used to be a truck driver or about the great grades he got in college, we know it’s because he’s a liar. And that’s a bad combination: being a moron and a liar. But sometimes he’ll let loose on something that leaves us puzzled trying to figure out which flaw is at work, such as with this situation.


On Thursday, as he was touting his decision to release strategic reserves of petroleum to alleviate skyrocketing gas prices, Biden made this claim: “If your home is powered by safer, cheaper, cleaner electricity, like solar or heat pumps, you can save about $500 a month on average.” Once again, the White House had to walk back Joe’s assertion, explaining later that he meant to say “year” not “month.” What a convenient mistake? Off by more than an order of magnitude, and in his favor no less. The only thing surprising is that his handlers didn’t try to attribute the gaffe to April Fools’ Day.

Honorable Mention #2: MSNBC can’t explain Biden’s poll numbers reaching a new low despite “a booming economy.”

Biden’s poll numbers continue to plummet including in polls by leftwing organizations such as NBC News and Quinnipiac University, the latter of which pegs Biden’s approval at a staggering 36%. So, what does a biased media outlet like MSNBC, one that lost all credibility years ago, do when trying to spin these results? They engage in gaslighting at a level that would make even the staunchest Democrat laugh.

With out-of-control inflation, an ongoing supply chain crisis, and consumer optimism at scaringly low numbers, MSNBC actually tweeted the following on Wednesday: “President Biden’s approval rating has fallen to lowest level of his presidency despite booming economy.” Pay no attention to your bank accounts folks, and disregard that grocery bill. Everything is juuuusssttt great. And you’d better not tell the emperor he has no clothes!

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