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Horrifying: Career Criminal Monster Suspected Of Raping Four-Year-Old Twins In Foster Care

The Blue State Conservative

It is hard to wrap your mind around the pure evil other people are capable of committing. When your idiot liberal friends try to tell you people are basically good and don’t need religious or moral guidance to develop them into better people, just point to stories like this.

Isaiah Metz, known also as Decklyn McBride, will be facing multiple charges of rape, according to reporting by CBS. How’s this for the anti-police, anti-prison crowd:

“Metz is accused of raping 4-year-old twin girls in Goldsboro, Pennsylvania. Metz is currently on parole for allegedly assaulting a police officer in Pennsylvania. He also faces numerous child pornography charges.”


The New York Post adds that Metz will now be facing a total of 115 charges stemming from the rape of young kids, the assualt of multile law enforcement officers, possession of child pornography, and various other heinous violations. It should be noted that this monster is just 22 years old.

What’s crazy about this story is that it’s just another day in New York. Last week, the already-forgotten, memory-holed Frank James flashbanged and fired handguns indiscriminately on a subway train and now this vile subhuman gets brought in on enough charges to put him away for several lifetimes. At this point, who among us just doesn’t expect some awful tragedy to unfold in Gotham or elsewhere around the Democrat-failed metropolises?

Conveniently, Fox News reported earlier this week that black murders had risen an astounding 43% since pre-Covid, pre-George Floyd times. They wrote:

“At least 7,484 Black Americans were murdered in 2019, according to FBI data Fox News Digital reported on Tuesday. That number shot up to at least 9,941 murders in 2020, meaning there was an increase of 2,457 Black Americans murdered over the previous year.”

For the same time period, only 250 blacks were killed by police, and even then most were the result of justified uses of lethal force. Where is Black Lives Matter? Where is the black community’s collective outrage? Isaiah Metz is literally a dime-a-dozen societal failure and we hear crickets from the race-hustling, race-grifting ruling class.

Defunding the police, advocating for less prisons, promoting less jail time, advancing cashless bail, and generally ascribing urban black culture’s systemic failures to the White Man have all led to the creation of Isaiah Metz et al.


CBS described the Metz’s encounter with law enforcement:

“Authorities got a tip that Metz was at the Antonio Oliveri homeless shelter on West 30th Street near Eighth Avenue. A member of the NYPD warrants squad and a state trooper with the Department of Investigation – went to check out the tip early Tuesday morning. 


A fight broke out when the officers tried to take Metz into custody, with Metz biting the state trooper and hitting the other officer in the head, before managing to get away.” 

He was last seen running away from the shelter, heading uptown.” 

The New York Post then describes the eventual arrest:


“Fugitive task force officers caught up with Isaiah Metz, 22, and took him into custody after subduing him with a stun gun, according to sources.

He was initially hospitalized before being hauled to the Midtown South Precinct, where he was hit with numerous charges, including assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and criminal trespass.” 

This guy needs to go away forever. But he’s in New York, so will he?

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