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Disney Characters Used to be Cute, Now They’re After Our Children

Who in the world, and in their right mind, would destroy the generations-old reputation of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? The answer to that question is: the same woke, radical-leftist people who would falsely charge Donald Trump with colluding with Russia; impeach him twice; charge him with insurrection in the January 6th Capitol building invasion; and force the first family to retreat to the secure room in the basement of the White House, while ANTIFA attacked and burned buildings adjacent to the White House and attacked and injured police officers in the streets outside the White House. And these are also the same people who insist that everyone buy an electric car, or give up driving altogether, in order to protect the world from the very obvious lie of warming/change.

These people are the ones who have been repeatedly calling Americans racist, while the Biden administration is hiring minorities in great numbers, nearly all of whom are graduates of Harvard or Yale (but did you, as an American racist, get to attend Harvard or Yale on full scholarship?) to work in the White House. They are radical left, big government socialists who will not be content until they have impoverished American citizens via confiscatory taxes or impossibly high gasoline costs, for the sin of living free and becoming prosperous, while the Socialist/Communist world has remained poor and miserable, because their governments will not allow Capitalism and freedom to exist in their totalitarian nations. The huddled masses in Africa and India are poor, so America, with its constitution and its prosperity, are all racists.

One fears that the Disney Mouse and Duck will not have long to live once leftist radicals have had time to bring them out-of-the-closet as being gay, and in need of a sex-change, in order to bring them up to woke-speed with the Democrat party. Soon we can expect gay and trans characters to be presented by Disney that will become the new stars of the Magic Kingdom, and we know this because one the executives of the Disney corporation has been bragging about the top corporate executives allowing her to repeatedly “queer” kids, which was a pleasant experience for her.

One of the objections of traditional Americans to gays being accepted as equal citizens to straight people, was fear that the gay/trans groups would try to gain access to our children, and now it appears that that’s exactly what the Disney corporation is seeking to do: get children exposed to pornographic materials, discuss in detail with children, aspects of homosexual sex, and deprive children of an innocent childhood, like Mickey and Donald have always presented to generations of innocent children. And then these perverts can talk to children about changing their sex, without the knowledge of parents, causing young children to become confused and frightened, and their young lives will be changed, medically or chemically, forever. If these things are allowed to continue, either at the Disney complex or in our local schools, the nation will really go to hell, with a confused, corrupted generation of young people taking leadership roles in our nation’s public dealings.

The voters in Virginia voted down these types of practices in their schools, and Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, is fighting the Disney perverts in order to stop these fools from pushing their criminal, abusive agenda any further.

Everyone should be outraged at what the political left, urged on by the Democrat party, CNN, MSNBC and the usual cast of anti-American suspects, are doing to this once great and prosperous nation, and we must all speak out against what the Democrat party is doing to us and our children.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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