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Chipping Away At The Bill or Rights: The Consequences Of A Monstrous Government

The Blue State Conservative

“And now it’s a monster and will not obey”  Steppenwolf

It is rather sad to see the destruction of our governmental system.  It lasted from 1789 to about 1912.  As governments go, it was a nice run.  The French have had six republics and the British still waddle along bending their knee to their betters with their nose in the air.  This leaves Iceland the only player still standing.

The destruction of our constitution began in earnest when  Woody Wilson a “superior” Puritan took over the government and brought along his “intellectual” friends.  A minority of the citizenry elected a party that was able to shove through a series of amendments that have totally undermined our rights during the past 100 years.


The problem today is that there is not enough time for a citizen to follow all of the political currents and corruption that is rampant within a morally and intellectually bankrupt ruling cabal.  I imagine that many ordinary citizens have forgotten how many Amendments were approved in the initial bill of rights, much less what they are, and how they have been destroyed.

A look at where we are is informative.

The First Amendment includes freedom of speech, religion, and the press.

Freedom of speech identifies the right to call someone rude names. There is no exception for “hate” speech.  This means that certain “vulnerable” populations have to defend themselves.  Freedom of religion allows worship of all types.  It does not allow the protection and sponsorship of Islam while seeking to eliminate Christian prayer in public places, such as a HS football coach praying on the sidelines and being fired for it.  Press censorship is not allowed.  Certainly, using the FBI to intimidate Project Veritas and their program of publicizing political fraud and waste undermines this amendment.

The Second Amendment and the right to bear arms have been undermined since the 1930s with the laws prohibiting the private ownership of machine guns.  Other statutes regarding handguns are written specifically to inhibit ownership by using a Byzantine registration system.  This Amendment allows the others to exist.

The Third Amendment addresses the quartering troops in private homes.  So far this has not been seriously violated.


The Fourth Amendment addresses unreasonable search and seizure. Today, we suffer from no-knock warrants and crashing your door at 2 A.M. Tens of thousands of these take place every year.  The Gestapo will kill your dog and you as a matter of course.  When there is a mistake a “sorry” is the sum total of your recompense.

The seizure is the theft of your money or possessions if a cop thinks you are ripe for providing him a commission. The program is called civil asset forfeiture.  After a visit to jail and legal expenses you have lost whatever you had at the time of your plundering with almost no opportunity to get it returned.  The screed of “we are stopping drug smuggling profits” is trotted out and has been validated by the courts. You lose.


The Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination is barely intact if you do not succumb to the trickery of the interrogation chamber and fall for the plea bargain scam.

The Sixth Amendment requires a speedy public trial in the jurisdiction where the alleged crime was committed, a public defender, and reasonable bail.   That is unless you are protesting the socialist corruption in Washington DC.  Then the paid-off judges will hold you akin to the “Man in the Iron Mask”.  Another possibility is being whisked off to Guantanamo Bay with no notification to anyone and long-term incarceration.  Little barry obama created trial by drone, which is a rocket in your nether regions without trial.

The Seventh Amendment allows for legal suits for a citizen to collect damages.  I wonder if the DC legal structure would be a candidate for such a suit from the January 6th political prisoners.  To our eternal shame, they continue to rot in the dark in the hands of the ugly old bag in the House of Representatives.


The Eighth Amendment refers to cruel and unusual punishments which are disallowed. But they probably should be revisited on the DC political establishment.  This would inhibit the above violations that plump out their purses.

The Ninth Amendment addresses the universal rights that were not included in the above amendments.  Adding rights such as eliminating amendment eight for politicians would be an excellent addition to this list.

The Tenth Amendment of a States Rights Convention may be our only way out of the situation without resorting to Amendment Two.

Lastly and most importantly, Congress has turned over its powers to the executive branch through the administrative state.  Decrees from these clowns on the wrong side of the bell curve are taken as law by our court system until proven otherwise, leaving us with a tyrannous slug that is totally out of control.  Congress uses its’ position to enhance its own purse instead of working for the people and has left us to their not so tender mercies.

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