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Buying An Electric Car In 2022: All you should know

Transportation is approaching its inevitable future, which is to run on electricity. Many companies are releasing electric vehicles just as more people want to buy them.

Before buying an EV in 2022, let’s talk about some of the most important things.

Batteries, range, and your needs

Your needs are important when choosing EV cars, and in the area of the range, you need to consider what kind of driving you’ll be undertaking and what your travel is like.

When considering range specifications, remember that the claimed value is always the best possible scenario. Your style of driving will affect the distance you drive as well as the total range. So, if you drive too fast, your battery will die faster.

The batteries of electric cars are quite the expensive bits, and they get all the more expensive the larger they are.

If you are new to the range business, here are some facts that will help you.

The regular battery pack for an EV ranges between 50 and 80 kilowatts per hour (kWh). 

For instance, the Mullen Five EV has an estimated range of 325 miles. With the regular American driving about 35 miles daily, the battery will last for an average of 8 days. The case is different for people who commute long distances.

Promising new batteries for better range

Mullen, a publicly-traded energy-producing company is creating a new dispensation of batteries- Lithium-Sulfur batteries that perform over and above Lithium-Ion batteries

These batteries are lighter and more affordable than Lithium-Ion batteries although they share the same manufacturing equipment. However, the steps are simpler, the carbon footprints are smaller, and the production cost is less.

 There are no rare metals used in the production of this battery that is water-based. But the sulfur used is inexpensive, sustainably sourced, and recyclable.

Temperature and EV batteries

Whether you are in a hot or cold region, it is important to note that temperature changes will affect the EVs battery and range.

For instance, in cold weather, Lithium-ion batteries are not very effective in storing and releasing energy, which results in a reduction in total car range. Some studies saw temperatures lower than 6 degrees can reduce EV range by about 41%.

However, Lithium-ion batters are in their element in temperatures ranging between 15 to 26 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to thermal management technologies, these batteries can stay warm in cold weather. Similarly, air conditioning is needed in hot weather because once the temperature is 35 degrees, the car range might reduce to about 17%. Temperatures over 46 degrees Celsius can be a real cause for worry.

Electric vehicles are worth it.

Although EVs are way more expensive than petrol vehicles, with changes in the industry and more EVs being produced, they will be more affordable in no distant time.

Also, after the initial high buying price, the running and maintenance of EVs are comparably less than that of conventional vehicles.

Mullen Inc. is committed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in all its business areas. This is seen in the company’s use of low carbon footprint materials, sulfur gotten from recycling oil refinement, and other modern technologies.

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