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“As Young As Two Years Old”: Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee Excused Child Predators Possessing Graphic Pornographic Imagery

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A bombshell New York Post report and string of tweets from Jack Posobiec reveal even more reprehensibly lurid leniency from Joe Biden’s SCOTUS nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson. Her record on sentencing child molesters and predators had been made known earlier by Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) prior to and during her confirmation hearing, but these new details make Cotton’s work look primitive.

Here is the Post reporting the disturbing allegations (bold emphasis mine):

“In the eight child-porn cases that came before her court, former D.C. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson heard horrifying details of “sadomasochistic” torture of young kids — including “infants and toddlers” — yet challenged the disturbing evidence presented by prosecutors and disregarded their prison recommendations to give the lightest possible punishments in each case, according to transcripts of sentencing hearings obtained by the Post. 


In some cases, she even apologized to some of the kiddie-porn perverts for having to follow the statutes, which she called “substantially flawed.”

Over and over, the records reveal, Jackson made excuses for the sex fiends’ criminal behavior and cut them slack in defiance of investigators and prosecutors — and sometimes even probation officers serving her court — who argued for tougher sentences because the cases were particularly egregious or the defendants weren’t remorseful.”

It is nearly impossible to comprehend the level of depravity required to grant leniency to absuers of children. Then again, these people advocate for the murder of nbabies and infants, so leneicny for preying on children seems par for the course.

Jack Posobiec picked up additional pieces from the Post story and tweeted some additional findings (bold emphasis mine again):

“NEW RECORDS: Ketanji Brown Jackson chose leniency even in baby sex torture cases.”

“In 2018, Christopher Michael Downs was busted trading child porn in a chat room, “Pedos Only,” including images of adults raping “a prepubescent female child,” according to court records. He posted 33 graphic photos, including an image of a naked female as young as 2 years old.”


“In her April 2021, Jackson contradicted the findings of prosecutors, dismissing the crimes they described as “on the more egregious or extreme spectrum” of child porn as not “especially egregious.” Among the more than 600 images depicting bondage of infants and toddlers.”

“I don’t find persuasive the government’s arguments concerning why they think that this is a particularly egregious child pornography offense, which means I struggled to find a good reason to impose a sentence that is more severe in this case,” she argued.”


“Jackson complained that current sentencing schemes don’t accurately measure the severity of child porn offenses, because computers, the Internet and digital cameras make it “so easy” to collect, store and distribute illegal porn.”

“She ignored the advice of expert witnesses who disputed her theory that child pornographers are somehow not pedophiles,” said Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project.”

Ketanji Brown Jackson doesn’t deserve to decide cases at any level, let alone the Supreme Court. We already know Brown Jackson is unfit for the Supreme Court. She believes in the Constitution as much as Karl Marx. She hates the Constitution and she hates this country. 


She also apparently hates protecting innocent and helpless children. What an abhorrent human being.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. Another whopper of a mistake is being made. This woman doesn’t even know what she is, or she’s terribly dense and couldn’t answer any question dealing with herself. But mostly she’s a deceptive person doing what she sees as taking America down. She is no judge, or at least shouldn’t be and should not be a Supreme Court Justice but because of her skin color and gender, which she questions, she’ll be making decisions about terrible things and making excuses about why they happened. I hope she’s the last plant dumokrats will be able to put in the higher courts. She doesn’t deserve it and we don’t deserve her.

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