Yancey speculates St Teresa took pleasure in witnessing children under her care starve

In response to my piece celebrating the Unsung American Heroines during the recent International Women’s Day, Norinda Rosario Yancey has this to say about Saint Mother Teresa “I would recommend reading a little more about Mother Teresa. She was quite troubled emotionally and spiritually. Though morbid, there is speculation based on her writings that she was oddly fascinated and may have even taken some pleasure in witnessing the starvation and illness of those she is said to have cared for. It’s fascinating really, but I no longer regard her as a hero.”   Yancey describes herself as an educator and a Metro Parks Tacoma, Washington employee and a JEDAI, illustrating the sorry state of affairs not only in education, but also in the taxpayer funded parasitic bureaucracies

Yancey in a LinkedIn post speculates St. Teresa derived pleasure from witnessing children starve

Norinda Rosario Yancey  is not alone: Wikipedia has over 50 sources criticizing the Saint Teresa and the New York Times writes that praying is not only a waste of time, but may be hazardous to your health. But cancel culture and fake history are not new.  These have been used for generations to impose a different world view.  People often rewrite history for a number of reasons:  money, power, revenge, jealousy and so on.  Take for instance the English invention of the Black Legend used to vilify Spain, the  Catholic Church and Mixed Race people. Or the lies that Saint Junipero Serra maltreated native Americans..  That was quite the opposite. Or  Bill Clinton, Obama and  Anti Catholic historians blaming the Catholic Church and  the Crusades for Islamic Terrorism 

The Church has 2000 years experience dealing with the Yances, Main stream media, the New York Times and others who want to see its destruction.  More lies, including the above have been aimed at destroying the Roman Catholic Church than any other institution in the world. So much that even most Catholics believe the lies they were taught in high school or have seen on T.V. and social media: Consider all the misrepresentations that Pope Francis has been subjected to, even when he clearly stated in his Laudato Si: “Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature, is incompatible with the justification of abortion” – Pope Francis in his book Forty Anti-Catholic Lies: A Myth-Busting Apologist Sets the Record Straight, Gerard Verschuuren refutes popular myths about Catholicism, while in “Seven Lies about Catholic History,” Dr. Diane Moczar debunks revisionist history exposing the lies we have heard over and over again.

EWTN St Thomas Aquinas meme

The Church, like St. Thomas Aquinas knows that “to one who has faith, no explanation is necessary.  to one without faith, no explanation is possible.  The Church also knows that miracles such as those attributed to Saint Teresa can often be manufactured. She knows that fallen humans sometimes make up stories for the purposes of fame or attention. She also knows that demons have certain powers that can make certain things appear miraculous.  Why the Church has developed a protocol to validate miraculous occurrences. In all these investigations, the Church is careful, thorough, and detached in her approach. She employs doctors, scientists, and competent authorities in order to rule out natural explanations or to understand the phenomenon better. Only when she has completed this stringent process does she validate the miracle. Poor JEDAI Industry.  So far from God, so close to the most powerful office in the world

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