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Watchdog: COVID Protocols Based on Poor Data

Evidence Suggests CDC Crafted Pandemic Policy Based on Poor Data

Americans for Public Trust (APT) today revealed more emails from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that clearly show the government agency’s Covid protocols were based on poor data. 

Caitlin Sutherland, Executive Director of APT recently obtained internal CDC emails through the Freedom of Information Act revealing the CDC’s withholding of large portions of Covid data to the public along with the blatant lack of data dictating the CDC and Biden Administration’s Covid mandates. 

“First the CDC allowed teachers unions to write the guidance on school reopening’s and now we just learned the CDC still isn’t publishing large portions of Covid data it collects. One thing remains the same, Americans remained frustrated and confused by the supposedly science-based agency,” Caitlin Sutherland said in a Fox News interview.

The CDC was even warned by senior public health officials including Dr. Anthony Fauci, that the Covid measures were being formed on “decades-old research.” This reckless behavior poses the question of how much the CDC and the Biden Administration allowed politics to influence Covid policy. 

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  1. How much did the CDC and the Biden Administration allow politics to influence Covid policy? COMPLETELY!! As in they would not ever take a vax that had Trump stamped all over it, as in they then elbowed their way to take it before anyone else; as in they then tried to take credit for the vax. As in they misappropriated funds STILL missing. As in they masked three year olds! As in they blocked and applied punitive measures to use of therapeutics now proven effective. As in they created mandates tantamount to biologic and mental rape and torture. As in they never held CHINAH accountable due to their vested interests and monies taken. As in they are Demwit jerks who should be tried for treason for their mask up, shut up, close down of a global economy, a stolen election and two years of our lives. As in all who voted for a Demwit have blood on their hands.. They’re awfully quiet these days these Demwit Schmucks. Kick a Demwit today.

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