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[WATCH] “Unhinged Liberal” Goes Hilariously Berserk Over Gas Prices

The Blue State Conservative

These people vote and raise children. Just remember that the next time you think we share a country and can get along in peace forever. We can’t, and something will have to give.

In embarrassingly bizarre fashion, one self-described Biden supporter can be seen taking a selfie video while running around hysterically as he pans in on the alarmingly high fuel prices in California. This might win the prize for most tragically hilarious video of the day. Tragic because fools like him exist but hilarious because if we can’t laugh at our country’s death spiral we will get hopeless really fast.



“Look at the price of gas now! It’s $7.55 a gallon! Hey Putin, we’re sending you a bill!”

Send Putin the bill? Or, we will keep buying oil at record-high prices from Putin. To-ma-to, to-mah-to.

This idiot should recall that both Barack Obama and Kamala Harris, the two highest affirmative action hires in history and proof affirmative action hurts this country beyond repair, both stressed that elections have consequences.

No doubt, this frantic idiot voted for Joe Biden because he believed Trump was Hitler and Biden was a dignified unifier. Therefore, he also believes the other corporate media lie that Putin bears the blame for our spiking fuel prices. Not shutting down Keystone. Not an insane focus on Green New Deal policies. Not government meddling in dangerously unsound money and fiscal policies. 

Nope, just Putin.

The only thing missing from this video was a blue and yellow facemask. Given how overwrought this loser is with gas prices, it seems safe to say he is still deathly afraid of Covid and unambiguously supports Ukraine despite not wondering how a seemingly insignificant country is always centerstage in globalist ambitions.


How high will gas prices go? That remains to be seen, but one wonders how this spike ever stops at this point. The conflict in Eatsern Europe has no foreseeable end in sight, the Brandon administration has no foreseeable desire to resume increased domestic oil production, and out of control money printing at the Fed and endless spending bills in Congress portend even higher prices across the board.

Anyone that voted for Joe Biden is directly responsible for this. We all knew this would happen, but because these people are idiots and believe freedom is bad and government is good – the more the better! – we are stuck in this mess. Instead of sending Putin the bill, maybe we should send Biden voters the bill.

The worst part is that this guy will never even reconsider his beliefs, values, or voting record that got us here.

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  1. Congratulations CNN, MSNB-hee-haw, et al, job well done! This guy is certifiably braindead.

  2. What a jackass. We’ve gone from being close to energy independence to being dependent on oil produced by countries who hate our guts all in the name of following the leftist agenda.

    This guy probably sits to pee.

  3. No end to the stupidity of the Demwit brain or lack thereof. Kick a Demwit and tell them to snap out of it. It might be justice that California is hardest hit. Let them stew in their own juices.

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