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[WATCH] Out Of Control! Unbalanced Leftist Loses His Mind In Town Meeting

The Blue State Conservative

We frequently see video clips of deranged leftists going off on one of their pet peeves, but seldom do we see footage that shows a lefty wrapping virtually all of their favorite lecturing topics into one remarkable rant. Have a look:


Let’s review some of the highlights of this deranged diatribe and while we do, let’s be honest: It is fun to watch:


– He starts out saying something about Ukraine and Russia (and I assume he’s a “he,” my apologies if I’m wrong), and then shouts something about “If we can just save one life!” Remember, this was one of Andrew Cuomo’s favorite phrases.

– His screaming soon becomes unintelligible as he goes off about something like “we’re living in a world where people are transphobic, xenophobic, misogynistic…” blah, blah, blah. He may have missed “homophobic,’ it’s difficult to tell. But if he did, he deserves some slack. He was pretty emotional at this point.

– Next, he hollers something about “taking on social responsibility,” and quickly shifts gears. We can only imagine Joe Biden and Joy Behar watching with tears in their eyes when he says, “The only way to fight for our democracy is to get vaccinated while supporting Ukraine in their fight.” Because if you support Ukraine but are unvaxxed, well… that’s just not good enough.

– He weighs in on Socialism, of course, talking about someone whom he’s “begun to love” who has a plan… “by 2030 he will own nothing and be happy. And I stand with him, because I am not selfish!

– He then turns to the subject of Black Lives Matter, stating “My only regret is that I did not stop Breonna Taylor’s killers,” and then explains that on the day Taylor was killed, he was shopping in Target’s “pride section” for a t-shirt for his “6-year-old, openly gay, transgender nephew, after I got off of work at Starbucks.” That one sentence alone should put him in the Leftist Hall of Fame.

– Finally, after the mayor overseeing the meeting begins cutting him off while he’s shouting something about Dr. Fauci, he channels his inner Colin Kaepernick and takes a knee. Bravo, sir. Truly. Bravo.

Consider the range of leftwing topics on which this person was able to virtue signal in just over two minutes, all while wearing a Biden 2020 t-shirt. Support Ukraine? Check. Hate Russia? Check. Scolding on LGBTQ? Check. Getting vaccinated… The virtues of Socialism… Black Lives Matter? Check, check, check.

It really was quite a performance. However, there was one major omission. He didn’t mention climate change. What’s the deal, dude? Don’t you care about the planet???

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Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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