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War Is Never An Answer… Until It Is: The Defense of Ukraine Is A Spectacular Sight To See

The Blue State Conservative

“This war is not as in the past. Whoever occupies a territory also imposes on it his own social system. Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach. It cannot be otherwise. If now there is not a communist government in Paris, this is only because Russia has no army which can reach Paris in 1945.”  ~ Joseph Stalin, Soviet dictator April 1945

Russia may not be a communist nation any longer, but it certainly doesn’t allow freedom to ring across its lands, and Putin is most assuredly set on the reconquest of all the lands that he believes are Mother Russia’s, as he wages a war that the West is scrambling furiously to keep from growing into World War III. And while one would think all wars should be avoidable in this modern era, the truth remains that some men are birthed every day who come to their manhood believing war is fine, if it enriches them and grows their power, leaving the countries they target no choice but to fight or die or live their lives as slaves.

Unfortunately, there is an overabundance of vile, evil, power-seeking madmen and monsters — much like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Gaddafi, Arafat, Khomeini, and many others — across the globe who have no compunction over invading a neighbor state and sitting back to watch their soldiers rape the women and pillage one city after another, very similar to the manner of Putin this past month, and Biden and the Democratic Party Machine in the federal and many state governments who were thrilled to see Antifa and BLM communists pillaging and burning American cities.

Simmering hatred is everywhere, and in Ukraine’s case, the Russian people don’t hate Ukraine but Putin hates Ukraine’s leadership for rejecting his plans for them a decade ago, and now he is punishing them and their innocents, as he attempts to make good on those plans to rebuild Mother Russia as She was under Catherine the Great.


Biden did everything wrong in the days prior to this war and practically invited Putin to invade. Putin acted on the invitation, because he is an evil, malevolent man, willing to murder anyone standing in his way, and because he could. Biden and the West initially showed their fear of a nuclear-armed Russia that controls most of Europe’s energy needs for the moment, and that fear and their failed attempts at appeasement only emboldened Putin and assured him he could pull this off with little consequence.

All U.S. Presidents are supposed to be obeyed whenever they issue a legal and constitutional order or directive, but Biden’s words are regularly countermanded by his underlings, which begs the question of just who in the hell is really running America.

Biden increasingly displays a diminished mental capacity. In several muddled, unclearly, and poorly stated remarks, the president made it seem as if he was sending troops to Ukraine, would retaliate against a chemical attack with U.S. weapons of mass destruction, and seek regime change in Russia, probably confusing most Americans and our allies and Putin too. He called Putin a “butcher” and suggested Putin “cannot remain in power, only to have Secretary of State Anthony Blinken contradict him in a “pay-no-attention-to-Dementia Joe” correction in which Blinken stated that the U.S. does not “have a strategy of regime change in Russia or anywhere else.”

Who’s in charge? Biden? Blinken? William Burns, head of the CIA? Obama? … now there’s something to chew over. Who can get a good night’s sleep knowing that Biden is “our president”? — a figurehead president speaking dementia-laden gibberish with the nuclear codes and “the Red Button” at his own fingertips and the fingertips of whatever Wizard is standing behind the curtains. Oh, Yea … I feel better already.

Biden isn’t mentally competent to make any snap decision in the event Putin should ever decide to make the “first strike” against us, as Russia holds as a right in their defense. Worse, we should all be praying that Putin isn’t so further emboldened that he concludes he can attack America without fear of retaliation.

With “Woke” Milley in charge, America’s chances in a major war don’t really look real good right now.


War is never a solution ’til it is, and only then, it simply serves the goals and agendas of those involved who emerge victorious from its chaos and massive death toll. War comes when one or both sides are intransigent throughout diplomatic efforts. And then there are wars that come to some nations through no real fault of their own, as we see in Ukraine today.

For the early stages leading up to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, I received the impression Ol’ Joe or his Deep State Handlers were certainly hoping for the same quick conquest of Ukraine that Putin was hot to have. Biden spoke of what the consequences for Putin and Russia would be if he persisted, rather than setting in motion everything Ukraine needed to stop the invasion; Biden was content to let Putin take all of Ukraine and just ratchet up some meaningless sanctions. But now, suddenly, there’s Ol’ Joe channeling Winston Churchill and playacting his way through angry statements aimed at Putin, as Ol’ Joe tries something new and different and not appeasement in its origin.


On March 16th, 2022, Biden announced he was sending $800 million in military aid to Ukraine. This includes 800 anti-aircraft systems, 9,000 anti-armor systems, 7,000 small arms such as machine guns and shotguns, and a total of twenty million rounds of ammunition that includes artillery and mortar rounds. Taken with the javelin missiles and other armaments sent in previous years, it all seems to fly in the face of the overcautious refusal to help transfer Polish MiGs to Ukraine.

Ukraine’s righteous defense of Her territory, people, and sovereign right to exist and live free has been a spectacular and beautiful thing to see, as Putin has been stymied and his invasion put far behind schedule. His soldiers that invaded Ukraine from the south, east, and north have been fought to a virtual standstill, and so Putin now targets hospitals, apartment buildings, and schools, and still, they are unable to bring the Ukrainians to heel, even in areas they’ve occupied. It’s unlikely the Russians will find any Ukrainians willing to collaborate with them since most Ukrainians hold the sincere belief that together, the civilian militia and the Ukraine military can and will defeat the Russian forces. Ukraine’s army is standing firm in the face of a force superior only in numbers.

Today, March 28th, Ukrainian forces managed to liberate the city of Irpin, and they also retook the city of Trostyanets.


No one on the side of common sense, caution, and moral human decency wants to see this war continue or, Heaven forbid, widen, but neither do they want to see Ukraine lose part of its sovereign territory and Putin rewarded for engaging in aggressive and murderous bad behavior that has caused trillions of dollars in damage to Ukrainian property and an indescribable cost in human life, with all the innocents who have been killed and placed in mass graves and nearly four million Ukrainians forced to become refugees.

More than stopping this war, the world must make certain Ukraine and the world herself wins. Putin and Russia must be made to lose. It really is just that simple, because Putin isn’t stupid, as cruel and evil as he may be, and he isn’t going to resort to nukes unless the Western and U.S. forces move to actually target Russia itself and appear to be successfully conquering Russia completely. He doesn’t want to see the core of the Motherland irradiated any more than we do.

More than any territorial war, this has become a war for the ideas that govern a civilized world order and a set of ideas that are the foundation of freedom and liberty everywhere, based on the sovereignty of nation-states and nationalism [the Good Nationalism], respect for the rule of law and peace. This is a war aimed at getting away from warfare and ensuring all future disputes anywhere in the world will be resolved at the “peace-talk tables”. For decades, everyone has heard the words “Never Again” uttered in regard to numerous horrific events illuminating man’s inhumanity to man, from the Armenian Genocide to the Holocaust to 9/11, but the current brutal war being waged by Russia against an innocent people has pretty much made those words worthless as toilet paper.

Americans and the people of the world must remember the days when the world was so much worse in an infinitely bloodier past, and all must consider how much worse it will be in the future if Putin gains the upper hand over the West and the principles of freedom and liberty become so much fodder for Russian propaganda, things to be held against anyone espousing them as a warrant for their imprisonment or death.

A Ukrainian victory really will be a victory for everyone around the world who believes in the mechanisms that best promote and facilitate freedom and liberty, whether they reside in Cuba, Belarus, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Belarus and Russia too.

A Venezuelan refugee friend of mine from Miami recently told me, “What happens in Ukraine matters to oppressed people everywhere. Their fight is ours too.”

Just as Ol’ Uncle Joe Stalin once declared after WWII had ended that “everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach”, Putin had planned to impose his autocratic, kleptocracy on all of Ukraine. His soldiers already have several Ukrainian towns near the eastern border looking a good bit like the Soviet occupation of Central Europe at the end of WWII. Elected officials, police, journalists, and dissidents are being disappeared, and thousands of citizens of Mariupol have been forcibly removed to Russian internment camps, in a way too reminiscent of Russia’s actions against the Baltics and Poland in 1939 and 1944. If America and the West accept anything less than Russia’s withdrawal from Ukraine, the message to the world’s tyrants will be “Take what you wish” and “Genocide is fine”.

No one should be pressuring President Zelensky to surrender just because it would be much more convenient for the international Powers-That-Be. More important than living just to stay alive, our lives lived as we wish, free to prosper, thrive, and enjoy our families and other loved ones is really the only things that matter. It demands of anyone that we reject our chains. It demands we fight to remain free. And the Ukrainians are living proof that some people take this to heart and live by those very principles, dying or watching loved ones die in this war.

The Biden regime should get started immediately on installing as many SkyHunter or Tamir missile defense systems as they can in Ukraine, in order to give Ukraine a means to defend their skies and further impede the advance of Russia while saving an untold number of its citizens. And send those Polish MiGs on over while you’re at it.

The West must not sit back quaking in fear that Putin will release nuclear missiles. He wants the West to be afraid and so crippled by fear that we cannot properly make decisions or actually mount viable defenses of ourselves, our allies and any other nation we deem is in need of a defense from death-dealing tyrants. Putin wants us to withdraw from any field of opposition leaving him free to complete his conquest of Ukraine, and if he chooses — when he chooses — to proceed to take Poland and any other part of Europe that gets his eye. Putin remembers well that half of Germany once rested in Russia’s hands, and if Russia’s plans in Ukraine are allowed to continue with weak, fetid, feckless counter efforts, Putin will become an even greater existential threat to these countries, and the threat will grow exponentially with each passing day, week and month.

Staying free comes at a heavy cost of life. This has been true for many nations across the span of history, including America, and it’s proving especially true for Ukraine in the early months of 2022. They obviously aren’t willing to submit anytime soon, for many good reasons and the memories of past abuse and murders at the hands of Russian tyrants, and many of them are in deadly earnest and prepared to fight to the last man and woman, before abandoning the land of their birth, their homes to the Russian invaders, the hardest call anyone will ever make in their lifetime.

It’s their war to fight, but that doesn’t mean America, her allies, and all other interested parties can’t send the Ukrainians everything they need to fight and survive. It doesn’t mean that we can’t help them repel Putin’s forces and drive them all the way back home to Moscow, St Petersburg or Vladivostok or whence they came.

No matter how terrible one’s choices may be in the blaze of war and what may seem like impending doom and death, surrender is never any moral imperative for anyone. Anyone worth their weight in salt will want to fight for their freedom, regardless of the cost, to the bitter end. I cannot speak for the Ukrainians, but if I was in their predicament, I would much rather die standing and fighting the good fight than live on my knees for the remainder of my days as a slave, just because it served the interests of outsiders wanted no part and took no part in the fight.

Everyone who holds freedom and liberty most dear should be extremely concerned about the manner this war eventually may draw to its close, and rather than recoiling from it in fear, we should all be enabling and facilitating a Ukrainian victory.

Stop the War. Save Ukraine. Fight to Win.

????? ??????? ? ????[Glory to Ukraine and God]

Featured photo by Mvs.gov.ua, CC BY 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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Justin O. Smith

Hailing from the Great State of Tennessee, Justin O. Smith is a patriotic American and regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative whose work has been published by American Thinker and The Rutherford Reader. He can be found on Gab, MeWe, and Clouthub.

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