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“Stop An Additional Surge”: Tony Fauci Makes His Television Comeback With This Warning

The Blue State Conservative

Tony Fauci never met a television interview he didn’t like. Those hearings on Capitol HIll got him riled up from time to time, but whenever he goes on cable news he only interacts with people who will happily spread his Covid lies. 

Well, Fauci is back at it, and the other thing about Fauci interviews is that he never shares anything good. Seriously, when has he ever been happy? When has he ever offered good news? He might not represent The Science™, but he does personify Big Medicine writ large; namely, there is a profit motive to not prevent disease or make people healthy. A world of healthy people is a world where Big Medicine isn’t needed to pump artificial pharmaceuticals and inject everyone with dangerous substances.

Therefore, Fauci has to portray doom and gloom. Otherwise, what service does he provide? If Covid goes away, as we found in the past few weeks, so too does the Wee Doctor. And we all know the limelight lover can’t stand to be insignificant anymore.


Here is the latest Fauci sighting, which inherently portends a surge.

“We have to be careful that if we do see a surge as a result of that, that we’re flexible enough to reinstitute the kinds of interventions that could be necessary to stop an additional surge.”

There is no shortage of my contempt for Fauci. He has taken every possible position, sometimes multiple times, on every conceivable Covid issue. He is an entirely political figure navigating an entirely political issue. He is responsible for the deaths of untold thousands of people for his refusal to offer a full gamut of possible medical preventive and therapeutic responses.

At the same time, though, who in the lay public still listens to him and takes him seriously? It is unfathomable to me that after two years of making absolutely no progress against Covid – it went away once natural variants provided natural immunity – people still think the same interventions would work again. Studies and real-world experience have now definitely proven that neither social distancing, lockdowns, masks, nor vaccines ever made much of a dent in the fight against slowing the spread. They did, however, bring rise to incredible losses in economic might, freedom, and mental stability. 

Twitter users pointed out several key points in response to the latest Fauci sighting:


If I had been wrong in my job as often as he has been wrong, I wouldn’t have a job.

Does this mean a peaceful resolution is on the horizon for Russia and Ukraine


So he acknowledges a mask is the only protection and the vaccine is not as effective as a mask? Asking for a friend.

They will use this to “count” votes in the 2022 elections. We should be preparing now. Are we going to have Election Day or Election Season.

Of course he has this will go on for an eternity. One who gains power won’t be so willing to give it up…


They are purposely using words like “interventions” and “mitigations” instead of “mandates”.

Because those measures have worked so well to stop Covid

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