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Mom of Four Goes Off on Disney CEO

Disney has lost its way. This isn’t news as it has been happening for a while, but CEO Bob Chapek went a step too far this week and this mother told him exactly how all of us feel.

“Today, our relationship with Disney has come to an end,” the stay-at-home mom of four wrote. “Until this morning, we owned a small amount of Disney stock, tried to get to Disney World every couple of years, and have loved all things Disney for a long time.”

The letter doesn’t include the name of the sender, but it is very clearly addressed to Mr. Bob Chapek concerning his support for the sexualization of kindergartners. Chapek is against the Florida bill that would prohibit sexual education for children in grades K-3 – kids that are 5-8-years-old.

“My youngest child is seven years old. She loves princesses and baby dolls, has huge gaps and missing teeth when she smiles, thinks her teachers are rockstars, and hugs everyone,” the mother wrote. “There is absolutely no situation where sexual instruction is appropriate for her. None.”

“The bill is not anti-gay, anti-straight, anti-anything. It is pro-child and pro-parent.” she added.

The Parental Rights Bill sailed through the Florida State legislature earlier this week and is awaiting Governor Ron Desantis’ signature. The legislation simply seeks to keep sexual content away from children until they are of an age to understand it. It basically prevents the sexualization of the very young. But, Mr. Chapek does not want anything to stand in the way of exposing children to sexual content.

“I’m sure you realize there is no gray on this issue: you either support protection of young children or you support groomers and activists,” the mother scolded. “We will not be part of a company who seems to care more about appeasing a woke twenty-something Twitter mob than keeping young children safe.”

“We cannot trust Disney any longer with our children,” she added.

The letter is unsigned but could have come from any one of us. Disney has increasingly become a hyper-woke menace to society instead of the family-friendly safe zone it used to be.

Here’s the hero mom’s complete letter, and as a father of two, I’d add my name to it any time.

H/T @ChristinaPushaw on Twitter

God bless her, her children, and all the parents who stick up for decency in this society of moral losers.

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  1. Consider that this woke company was unscathed relatively speaking where the cruise industry was boondoggled yet if ever there was a spreader event, it is/was Disney. I bailed on my stock a long time ago. I’d rather have root canal than visit there, sorry kids.

  2. They are nothing but a Chinese company being lead by the weak, woke ceo. EVERYTHING Walt Disney built and stood for is gone. It now belongs to the communist. Iem done with everything Disney. Off to Knotts Berry Farm, a family park.

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