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Judges Across The Country Have Denied Custody To Parents Who Refuse To Give Children ‘Transgender’ Medical Treatments

Activists are training judges on transgenderism, and some judges are using their new knowledge to justify revoking child custody from parents who hesitate to put their children through a medical gender transition, Abigail Shrier wrote in the New York Post.

One Arizona judge took judicial training sessions on transgenderism before revoking custody from two parents who did not agree that their 15-year-old, biologically female child was a boy, Shrier wrote in the NYP.

The trainings included five talks by activists over two years, but they did not incorporate any talks from doctors who were skeptical of rapid gender transitions or individuals who regretted and attempted to reverse their medical gender transitions, according to Shrier.

“Courts are viewing a child with gender dysphoria as no different from one born with a cleft palate,” Shrier wrote in early February. “The only relevant question is: When will you allow him to get the necessary surgery to fix his body?”

The trainings given to judges in Arizona are reportedly part of a broader trend wherein judges are pressuring parents to give their children “gender-affirming care,” such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, mastectomies and genital surgeries for children who identify as transgender, according to Shrier.

A California judge stripped a father of his parental rights after he tried to delay his child’s medical transition when the 15-year-old suddenly claimed a transgender identity during his parents’ divorce, Shrier wrote for the NYP.

The father lost his right to see or speak with his biologically male, teenage child who was soon given a puberty-blocker hormone implant that would likely sterilize him, according to Shrier.

One professor of pediatrics admitted to using the legal system to pressure parents into giving their children medical treatments as part of the purported gender transition process during a 2017 conference on transgender health, Shrier reported on her Substack.

“There’s no precedent” for legally compelling parents, doctor Michelle Forcier said, according to Shrier. “But you can again work with the child protection team for medical neglect. Work with one parent, at least to get things started. And again, you can do some education.”

“We did education with judges in Rhode Island,” Forcier said, according to Shrier. “We spent half a day with family court judges, telling them this is what gender and transgender is.”

Massachusetts requires all trial court employees to complete training on transgender issues. The training teaches that sex is “assigned at birth,” sex and gender are different, and that transgender people have an innate sense of gender that doesn’t match their assigned sex.

Trial court employees are urged in the court-mandated training to avoid gendered language such as “Mr.” and “Ms.” or “girlfriend” and “boyfriend.”

In addition to transgender people, there are gender non-conforming, non-binary (neither male nor female) and gender-expansive people, the training explains. The presentation also explains the proper use of gender neutral pronouns they, them, “ze” and “zir.”

“Each separate aspect of a person – gender identity, gender expression, sex assigned at birth, and who you are attracted to – falls along a spectrum,” the training teaches court employees. Participants are asked to identify where on the “spectrum” they fall between male, female and “other genders(s)” for categories of gender identity, gender expression and attraction.

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