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Insanity! Democrats’ Latest Wokeness Crusade: New Jersey Looks To Banish Use Of This Word

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Brought to you by the same crew that labeled a law protecting fundamental parents’ rights in Florida as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” here’s the latest initiative by out-of-control Democrats, this time from the People’s Republic of New Jersey. Trying once again to shape our language and culture, leftist Democrats now have their sights set on abolishing a common word from all of the state’s criminal code; and the word they’re looking to banish is “inmate.”

During a meeting of the New Jersey Law Revision Commission last Thursday, the group urged for:

“Consideration of a Draft Tentative Report proposing replacement of the term ‘inmate’ with person-first or other updated language as appropriate.”

Options being considered replacements for the word include “incarcerated persons,” “person who’s incarcerated,” or even simply “person.”


According to documentation detailing the justification of the proposed change, they support, “a change from terms characterized as ‘dehumanizing’ and ‘stigmatizing’ to those that focus on an individual’s identity and their capacity for growth.” Because we certainly wouldn’t want to stigmatize criminals, would we?

New Jersey is once again taking their lead from their big brother next door. Last August, disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law legislation similar to that being proposed in the Garden State. And for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, anything that happens in Albany is worth duplicating in Trenton.

Are New Jersey or New York doing anything to make their streets safer? Of course not. Crime in both states has been on the rise. But at least they’re making criminals feel better about themselves.

According to a recent study, New Jerseyans will pay more overall taxes during their lifetimes than in any other state in the country. Additionally, in a recent poll, 52% of New Jersey residents feel the state is going in the wrong direction, while only 38% believe things are improving. And New Jersey was the number one state from which people fled last year… for the fourth year in a row. But don’t worry New Jersey, your elected officials are focused on what’s really important. Yup, things in New Jersey are going just great.

So, for the Democratic legislators in New Jersey, please consider a few what-if questions:

– What if you prioritized making your state affordable, wouldn’t citizens be less inclined to commit crimes, thereby not becoming inmates in the first place?

– What if you embraced your law enforcement community instead of demonizing them with ‘defund the police’ rhetoric and supporting the lies of the Black Lives Matter movement, might law enforcement be more effective at preventing crime and deterring prospective criminals from following through on their actions?

– And if inmates are offended by being called inmates, wouldn’t the proper remedy be for them to refrain from committing the crime that made them an inmate to begin with?

Inmates may be criminal victimizers themselves, but they’re victims too. Inmates are victims of those mean old law-abiding citizens calling them what they are: inmates. The reality is, Democrats have a stake in making everyone feel as if they’re a victim, even if those being depicted as victims have committed crimes against actual victims. Because in the minds of far-left Democrats, insanity reigns.

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Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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