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Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler

Editorial cartoon by Michael Ramirez. Commentary by R. Mitchell, Editor-in-chief.

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Michael Ramirez

Ramirez, who studied premed at the University of California, Irvine, originally considered journalism a hobby. But he was hooked when his first cartoon for the college newspaper, lampooning candidates for student office, had the student assembly demanding an apology. "Editorial cartoons should be smart and substantive, provocative and informative. They should stir passions and deep emotions. Editorial cartoons should be the catalyst for thought, and frankly speaking, if you can make politicians think, that is an accomplishment in itself. If I don't get at least one death threat every few months, then I'm not doing my job," Ramirez says of his penchant for sparking controversy. In addition to the 1994 and 2008 Pulitzer Prizes, Ramirez was the 2008 winner of the prestigious Fischetti Award. He is a three-time Sigma Delta Chi, Society of Professional Journalism Award winner, a Lincoln Fellow and a recipient of the UCI Medal. He is a senior editor and the editorial cartoonist for Investor's Business Daily. He is formerly the editorial cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times, The Memphis Commercial Appeal and a contributing cartoonist for USA Today. His work is syndicated by Creators Syndicate. Don't leave without checking out his editorial cartoons and Ramirez Caricatures.

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  1. a fallacious, farcical comparison based solely on the most liberal leftist media hype and propaganda. And that, by twisting the truth 180 degrees attempting to cast Zelenscum’s nazi character and atrocities against his own people upon the one man willing to actually stand up, not stand by, as extremist communist Ukrainian nazi government and militias murder innocent Ukrainians.

    get real clown! you and your propagandist buddies in the leftist media are the ones facilitating the senseless slaughter of innocent civilians. you are a nazi murderer who does exactly what hitler did, which is to blame your victims for all the evil you do, then Gaslight, cavil, carp, quibble, incite, character assassinate, sophistrize, and use every hateful and ugly means to cause chaos to cover for your efforts to destroy civilization. Why are you even allowed on can? Nazi filth!

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