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Hilarious! Bill Maher Destroys Leftist Narrative On Masculinity [VIDEO]

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One of the more remarkable aspects of our modern culture is the phenomenon of having two liberals as some of the loudest voices for conservativism. Elon Musk – who up until five minutes ago was a darling of the left for his efforts against climate change – is now public enemy #2, behind only a certain former president, of course. And Bill Maher, who openly espouses socialism, is suddenly the voice of reason against wokeism. Go figure.

Indeed, Maher is not a conservative. But he is a liberal in the classic sense, which means that he adamantly opposes cancel culture and is open to reason. Genuine reason, such as the idea that men are men and women are women, and that those differences aren’t just natural, they’re a good thing. Maher also has a knack for injecting undeniable humor into the points he makes. Such was the case on Friday night. Watch:


Perhaps Maher’s most impressive skill is his ability to illustrate what everyone, including the targets of his humor, already knows inherently, as was the case with this monologue opener.

“Everyone loves, and the world still needs, grown-ass men.”

This point is obvious, but leftists do everything possible to suppress its reality. Feminists certainly don’t want to admit it, and America’s wokesters profess their disdain for it. But they badmouth those “grown-ass men” and chastise them for their toxic masculinity while simultaneously living in, and benefitting from, the very society those individuals have largely created. Oh, the conflict.

Maher’s summation of the conundrum is brilliant.

“Look. You can go on about how masculinity is itself toxic, or you can be horny for Volodymyr Zelenskyy. But you can’t do both.”

Regrettably, we have men catering to both sides of the paradox. It seems for every Ron DeSantis we have – men who are unapologetic in their support for both masculinity and femininity, not to mention traditional values – we have clowns like Andrew Cuomo who brag about their feminist agendas while they secretly harass and assault women.

We have the handful of unabashed real men in Hollywood, such as Clint Eastwood and Gary Sinise, but then we have scores of man-bun wearing, latte-sipping buffoons like Harry Styles wearing his dress and Mark Ruffalo doing his interviews with Cosmopolitan and claiming to be a feminist.

Masculinity is under attack, but perhaps it’s making a comeback.


And as Maher is known to do on occasion, the profundity of his recap is the perfect contrast to his humor, and also dead-on:

“There has been a lot of toxicity associated with men throughout history; oceans of brutality, all of which is horrible. And some of which is why our species still exists on earth.”

Right you are, Mr. Maher. And the sooner we come to accept this fact as a nation, the better off we’ll be. We can rest assured there’s plenty masculinity floating around China, Iran, and other countries, and they would like nothing better than to put our pretend-men soy boys and their skinny jeans to the test.


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Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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  1. Maher is right…again!!! I may be an as*hole to the effeminates among us, but only those willing to be as*holes when facing the Huns and mongols of some future reality, provide the hope of actually surviving to see another day! I love women, and we love Bill Maher!

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