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Green Energy and Starvation

The Blue State Conservative

In 2007 grain prices doubled overnight in reaction to the George Bush approved green energy program.  Soybeans and corn are required for biodiesel and ethanol, and this removed a significant amount of essential food from hungry mouths across the globe.  These energy mandates wrecked the social construct across the Arab world. Subsidized food was no longer an option for these governments as the prices had jumped out of their reach.

The resulting hunger led to great social unrest across the Near and Middle east.  The people rose and their governments fell from Tunisia to Syria.  Our government had fallen into the political and financial bribery of the green energy trap without taking into consideration the effect of this new policy across the world.

Billions of people live meal to meal.  This concept is foreign to our “educated” ruling class.  They are only interested in their purses.  The resultant revolts and the civil war in Syria are a direct result of this policy. The good news is that the arms manufacturers were able to report excellent profits for the next decade. The pathetic part of today’s situation is that it is a rehash of 2007 that has been taken to a higher level.  The food shortage will appear next year, and the cycle of even further war will repeat.


The Ukraine/Russia struggle is an interesting study because the protagonists both have vast amounts of the raw materials required for global existence, as they produce vast amounts of food and energy.  Our world currently exists on a precipice that can easily crumble with a slight disturbance.

The intellectuals in DC did not factor in the hunger of humanity when the plan was created to divert attention from their political miscalculations at home.  Germany has finally realized that the new great power in Europe is Russia as she controls the gas valve.  The announcement of the rejection of the windmill and solar programs in favor of nuclear and coal are a laughable reversal of decades of “global warming” angst.

The new German government apparently is afraid to explain to the people that they must be hungry and freeze in the dark to meet the emission targets prescribed in the Global Warming treaties they championed.  Mr. Reagan warned of these consequences decades ago but he was laughed at and ignored. The piper will now be paid.

The sanctions against Russia for previous invasions in the area were so intricate that they could be easily ignored by the enforcement arm of the governments to everyone’s benefit.  The only real result was another financial burden on the middle class who must shoulder the whims of their rulers which has led to our current dilemma.

Mr. Putin has long dreamed of reestablishing the old Russian Empire.  He has shown remarkable insight into the weaknesses of the western governmental facade.  The Russian people have plenty of food and energy.  A few may protest the morality of an aggressive war but not enough to succeed in inhibiting the plan.  The police state still exists.

The plan is of course to ally Russia and China to overthrow the dollar-dominated world colonial economic structure.  It is quite interesting actually.  China has a hungry population with no hope of ever feeding itself.  It can produce a huge number of widgets to satisfy consumers around the world, but the technology has been provided by or stolen from the USA and the dollars produced provide the funds to feed the masses.  China also has a huge energy deficit.  These two problems have a very easy solution, namely a Russia-China alliance.  The domination of Eurasia by these old enemies is now completed.


Europe hamstrung itself while sleeping in the US provided shade.  They are now not significant because their myopic policies required by the ignorant have not been subject to the strong disinfectant of the sunlight illuminating their inherent weakness.

The shade we have provided Europe for 80 years has reversed the equation from colonizer to colonized.  The new infrastructure requires a bended knee towards the East which is a bitter pill to swallow after centuries of calling the tunes.  Some eastern European countries are already in debt to the Chinese Belt and Road system.  In the past, we were the hated dominator, but that honor may rapidly fade to the East. The New World Order has collapsed because the foot soldiers are fighting amongst themselves.


The answers to the conundrum are rather simple.  Atomic energy and fertilizer plants.  Unfortunately, these industries have faded to the background leaving to the only way out being 13 steps up the guillotine for our leaders.

Green energy is entertainment for the idle classes.

The Madame


Still Knitting

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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