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Do Democrats Believe Their Own Stupidity?

Political scientist Edward Banfield believed that most criminals commit crimes because they can’t conceptualize or visualize being caught and punished for their bad behavior.

Taking this idea a step further, one could believe that political leftists and other Democrats, believe in idiotic things because they lack an ability to gain knowledge from the lessons of their lives and are unable to recognize truths and practices that work, as opposed to things that don’t work, and they can’t employ those working truths in their daily and professional lives. It’s a simple and logical step further to simply state that leftists and Democrats actually believe the idiotic things they profess, even if those things have always ended in failure and misery when tried in other nations, and they’ll nevertheless always propose things that they believe will give them political power. But they always profess ignorance when their non-workable ideas are being criticized and challenged in the real world, and when they are politically unable to answer challenges to their actions and beliefs honestly.

A great example of this inability of Democrats to tell the truth about their weak, woke ideology came on March 22nd when Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court, was asked for a definition of a woman, and the good judge said she could not define what a woman is. This was of course a political cover-up, because Democrats are violently insistent that men can actually become women at will, and that women can become men any time they so-decide, so the current idiocy of self-identity as to race or gender forced this woman to take no position on this subject because to accurately define a biological woman is to undermine the radical lefts’ position that there are no differences between men and women, and that men can indeed become pregnant, and that a woman can impregnate another woman, which is biologically impossible, as any sensible person knows. But Democrats are not sensible people, they are just political tools for a radical left ideology that can become violent and dictatorial at the drop of a hat.

Can we really believe that Judge Jackson does not know the biological differences between men and women? Can she not know how to identify the sex of her children, or did she just take the word of the delivering doctor as to their sex? Does she not know that only biological women can become pregnant, deliver a child and nourish that infant with the natural milk that only female bodies produce? The entire position of leftist Democrats is total idiocy and makes them all look like fools. So when they are asked this most basic and obvious question, they claim ignorance.

But just try to make the logical position that a biological man who identifies as a woman and competes physically in high level competition against women in swimming or running, is taking unfair advantage of his female competitors, and Democrats will pull their hair out and rant that women, who were given separate sports programs in an effort to treat women fairly and provide them with a program to compete among themselves and get the rewards of training and competing, just as men have done for years, are not being unfairly treated by the stronger male competitor, even though females lose to the males nearly every time, and a woman’s chances of making a career of the sport and perhaps even becoming an Olympic competitor one day, is destroyed by this grossly unfair, Democrat-created farce we see being played out almost daily.

Democrat pawns like Judge Jackson are caught in a very difficult position. She is trying to further her career by accepting the nomination to the Supreme Court and she knows that if she upsets the Democrat establishment’s apple cart by giving the obvious answer to the question of what a woman is, that the party of the KKK will crucify her. But if she states the Democrat position that a woman can be a mother or a father depending on her self-identity, the American public may turn on her. So she just shrugs her shoulders and claims ignorance on the subject, and moves on.

Democrats are truly stupid people with their gender-neutral terms like “birthing person” and “chest feeding“ to replace more common words like mother and woman, and they cause confusion and pain to everyone around them, even their own political subscribers.

And their ideas are destroying America right in front of our eyes. God help us all.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Demwits are stupid. You can’t fix stupid. The proponent of kiddie porn needs crawl back under her rock. This is one woman who is a dick.

  2. Could not agree more with this article/author. It’s time for sanity and biology to get back to center stage. Unfortunately the candidate for the Supreme Court Justice seat is a self-proclaimed “non-biologist” in order to pacify her (unless she becomes a “his”) lefty supporters.

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