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Crony Capitalism, Bureaucrats, And Monopolists: America’s Modern Scourge

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Destruction of the US by inner infections

A recent union-management battle at General Electric over masks provides an interesting insight into the current struggle/alliance between Monopolists and Government Bureaucrats for societal control.  A union worker from the jet engine production line stated “they can’t fire us because of our skill level.  Management is easily replaceable though.”

That statement opens a completely new insight into our current economic system.  A university degree carried quite a bit of weight in society 50 years ago.  Today it is just another alphabet soup behind your name to be dragged out the door with your severance pay.

Our current era is a prime example of a societal cataclysm because we are at the apex of an evolution government process that originated with the dawn of civilization with our only option being our civilization’s destruction.

The US was founded by religious fanatics and real estate developers.  The leadership at independence consisted of an immensely wealthy planter class and graduates of a series of backwater seminaries.  These groups momentarily united to create a government that would allow their own visions to succeed without interference from a central authority composed of their rivals.

Our revolutionary government envisioned Rome as a model with the citizen farmer being the central foundation of the society.  Industrial technology and the wealth it creates were not yet visible on the horizon.  The Constitution was written for central monetary control by Alexander Hamilton, who by his actions strangled the American ideal of freedom in its’ cradle.  The bureaucratic struggle for supremacy never rests and it will carry on until its’ parasitical nature destroys the host.

The funds generated by the plantation class were similar in wealth to our software group of today but the numbers of their class were significantly larger.  Unlike our current simplistic barons, the men who led us to freedom were well educated which added together with wealth made their control complete and unassailable.  A governmental state controlled by a grasping bureaucratic class desperate for recognition did not exist and was not even a consideration and therein lies the problem.

The first attempt for central governmental ascendancy over the states was the Second Bank of the US.  The Biddle/Rothschild banking connection made their first attempt at governmental control during the Andrew Jackson presidency.  Mr. Jackson hated the English and Biddle making it impossible to create a financial foundation for banker control of the US government during his administration.  Even worse for the bankers, he paid the US debt for the first and only time in our history.

Our independence from financial/government tyranny was complete but just visible on the horizon our industrial revolution was emerging beginning in Charleston, South Carolina with the “Best Friend” which presaged the industrial railroad boom.  It was funded by the shipping industry attempting to expand its business to a larger market.  This required an infusion of cash and debt which kept us on the path to total control by the New York banking set.

The independent banking system had originally emerged to fund the cotton planters and the trade created by purchasing industrial equipment.  The new era of governmental control began here by the collection of tariffs to fund itself which was obviously hated by the independent agricultural community. The mercantile groups needed the planters to survive and fund the emerging industrial economy.  The South supported the country for generations much to the delight of DC and the Yankee banks.  This marks the beginning of the power struggle between the monopolists and the bureaucrats for control of the country.

The major change from agriculture to an industrial culture is that agricultural wealth is limited in each country by the amount of land available.  This inhibits the growth possibilities and the size of the economy.  This inherent weakness in industrialization is similar in effect to the size restrictions of the market available without international trade.

The bureaucrat in this first period of our history was quite limited in his growth potential.  There was considerable turnover in these jobs between administrations as many were handed out as political payoffs. The most lucrative post was the customs officer for the port of New York.  It was the ultimate political payoff.

Until 1860 the plantation owner had dominated the country thru an agricultural base.  After the war, industrial production rapidly displaced cotton as the basis for our economy which began a new chapter in the jousting for control of society.  The war created a cultural revolution from which we never looked back.

The growth of government for the war years was astronomical of course and the patronage system created a Republican Party domination of government for decades.  The contracts for weapons ships and railroads were unheard of until that time.  Abe Lincoln became the first President to rule by decree ignoring the Constitution by creating an income tax and imprisoning dissenters as well as stealing property from the citizenry.  The battle for control between the bureaucrat or elite had accelerated!

The current corruption created by the merging of ‘crats and monopolists’ developed a hierarchy that clings to power by attempting to avoid responsibility.   This is ruled by second-generation misfits from the Ivy League, using their MBA (Master of Bureaucratic Advancement), and no insight or innovation allowed.

Tyranny arrives one regulation at a time.

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