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Cost of Biden’s Weakness Continues: With Ukraine Worsening, Now It’s North Korea’s Turn

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In August, when Joe Biden oversaw one of the worst military disasters in American history – otherwise known as the Afghanistan withdrawal – it was clear that the US, and indeed the world, would be feeling the negative repercussions for years. The full force of those consequences is already been felt in Ukraine, and we’re beginning to see other side effects with Taiwan. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, here comes Kim Jung Un to get in on the act in North Korea.

The collateral damage from the Afghanistan debacle was widespread. After eighteen consecutive months with zero combat casualties, Biden’s abandonment last summer resulted in thirteen Americans dying at the hands of terrorists outside of the airport in Kabul. Billions of dollars of military weaponry is now in the hands of the Taliban, and that equipment could be used against us for decades. And, of course, the human toll on women and innocent civilians who are now being subjected to the Taliban’s barbarism is incalculable.

But the most devastating effect of Biden’s botchery in Afghanistan is unquestionably the message it sent to the bad actors across the globe: America has a weakling in charge who doesn’t want conflict, so now is the time to implement those imperialist plans you’ve been sitting on.


According to the Washington Post, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi fiercely criticized the Biden Administration earlier today for failing to recognize and reward “positive measures” that North Korea has taken with its nuclear program, and insisted that America must address North Korea’s “legitimate security concerns.” Not surprisingly, the foreign minister’s rhetoric comes as new satellite photos show North Korea is reviving certain nuclear ambitions.

NBC News reported this morning that satellite images of Punggye-ri – North Korea’s nuclear testing facility that had previously been shuttered – indicate that the communist regime may be beginning efforts to rebuild the site and return it to functionality. Such a development would worsen an already volatile situation for the Biden Administration’s beleaguered foreign policy team.

The news about the potential revitalization of Punggye-ri comes on the heels of North Korea launching its most powerful ballistic missile to date in late-January, which was only weeks’ after dictator Kim Jung Un had proclaimed the need to “examine the issue of restarting all [nuclear armament] activities that had been temporarily suspended.”

The happenings in North Korea serve as a reminder that poor leadership and feebleness have a broad array of negative costs. The impacts of Joe Biden’s policies are more than just skyrocketing gasoline prices and infringements on our personal liberties in the name of COVID. Biden’s incompetence is also destabilizing what was already a fragile and dynamic global military scene. In just thirteen months in office, the amount of damage Joe Biden has caused has been immense, and it appears that his actions may lead to igniting a new powder keg in North Korea.

Featured photo by Kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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