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Corporate Media: “Rachel Levine Is One Of USA TODAY’s Women of the Year”

The Blue State Conservative

At the risk of admitting this isn’t even shocking anymore (it’s not), we nevertheless cannot acquiesce to the incessantly evil demands of the left in their promotion and celebration of gender dysphoria. In an announcement that surely made the twenty-somethings at USA Today giddily high-five one another for their supposed courage, we learned that the person born as Richard Levine was being honored with “Woman of the Year” accolades. 

Like I said: Yawn. Levine’s supposed victory would be more exciting if Bruce Jenner hadn’t won ESPN’s own fawning award in 2015 as its own Woman of the Year. Dennis Rodman got married in a wedding dress to smokeshow Carmen Electra over two decades ago and ever since then dudes (e.g. Harry Styles, Lil Nas, etc.) have been emulating that trying to be edgy. In reality, while they think they are pushing boundaries they are in fact just lazily copycatting.

Susan Rice felt like this was important to share:


Let’s be real, at this point a real shocking Woman of the Year award from these woke media organizations would go to a conservative female like Candace Owens or the ever-graceful Melania Trump. THAT would be deserved and also send shockwaves. The supposed Rachel Levine? Been there, done that.

Amazingly, I am less shocked at seeing a man honored as a woman – as Matt Walsh would say, another victory for the patriarchy! – than I am at how USA Today, like all leftist corporate media outlets, seems to think government officials handled Covid well. And given how USA Today spent the first six paragraphs discussing Levine’s alleged victory over the pandemic before finally sliding in an adjective to describe him as “trasgender,” we might not even know the reason for his honorary.

Here is how USA Today began their focus on Levine’s nomination for WOTY:

“In any administration, the public health of Americans is a priority – a tenet that signifies prosperity and perseverance among us. But during a global pandemic, when relative calm turns to crisis seemingly overnight, community wellbeing instantly becomes a matter of life or death for millions of Americans.

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, this fact continues to keep Adm. Rachel Levine up at night.”


Aside from the fact that it ignores Levine’s transgenderism intentionally (in my opinion) in order to further normalize the fact that Levine is simply a woman and not even a trans woman, it is also telling that the propaganda is in full force over Covid. 

Here’s a serious question: Who can name one policy of Levine’s that shaped public discourse or the public health response in a positive way? 

I can’t think of a single thing. Can you? And I don’t even mean that as a joke; with someone like Fauci you can point out all of the flip flops and lies. With someone like Levine, it’s just blank. I have no clue how he defends that outrageous government salary. I do know that he rescued his mom from a Pennsylvania nursing home right before ordering every other ward of the state be locked down with Covid-positive patients, so there’s that.

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