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Clueless: Nancy Pelosi Rambles Incoherently While Blaming Putin For Gas Prices (VIDEO)

The Blue State Conservative

Term limits don’t even begin to cover some of the most horrendous aspects of career politicians. Pelosi should have been kicked out of D.C decades ago, but not just for her life-long, self-enriching pursuit of power. Her age needs to disqualify her too.

It is one thing to elect a young, vibrant AOC who is attractive and can at least sell the corrupt, damaging, often lethal, platform positions held by the totalitarian DNC with a positive spin. It is another thing altogether for idiot Democrat voters to send the likes of Nancy and Joe Biden to office. Honestly, what do they see in them and what are they thinking?

It is so infuriating to know that Pelosi and Biden exist because a majority of voters supported them. In a little bit of a chicken and egg situation, is America falling apart because Pelosi is in office or because idiot voters exist to put Pelosi in office? I think it’s safe to say we expect corrupt, self-serving politicians to act corruptly and in a self-serving fashion; therefore, it is the fault of moronic fools for even giving those polls a chance that I despise more. 

When you watch this video, you tell me how Trump was worse. And I will wait – because there is no good answer. This is simply awful:

“Let’s get back to the question, the larger issue about, Putin’s tax, that’s, uh, really, Putin’s gas hike, that’s his gas hike. So much of this, uh, increase and gas tax, uh, gas price started, uh, eh, uh, weeks leading up to what happened there.”

To the best of my ability, I transcribed an approximation of what Pelosi stammered out. Please note that it was nearly impossible to capture in words just how fully incomprehensible her speech is. But you get the gist. Putin’s tax hike? I think what happened is that in her head she wanted to equate Putin with high gas prices and that’s the best she could muster.

She accidentally speaks some truth when she discusses high gas prices in the weeks leading up. That absolutely happened, but not because of Putin. High gas prices have and will continue to exist because fools like Nancy believe that the Fed’s money printer can operate 24/7 without any negative consequences. Economics 101 should be a mandatory session; of course, if everyone understood or followed basic economic theory then they wouldn’t be a Democrat. Shutting down domestic oil production and transportation doesn’t help either.

A lot of Twitter comments accuse Pelosi of hitting Putin’s vodka too hard, or perhaps just breathing in the vapors of his gas, but those cheap jokes miss a much larger problem. I don’t think she’s drunk at 10:00am on a Monday. I think she’s suffering from serious cognitive decline all day every day. Saying she’s drunk provides her a pass on the dementia. 

But, you know the propaganda is working when idiots like this guy can run around screaming about high gas prices and demanding we send Putin a bill:


In terms of sending a bill, we need to start with Biden voters. They owe us for this mess.

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  1. Every day is Kick a Demwit Day. They have blood on their hands all. It is difficult to absorb the endless length and breadth of their stupidity.

  2. You can start every news story about this drunkard with Nancy Pelosi Rambles Incoherently and end it there!

  3. Craig, lol They wouldn’t put my laugh til crying face in the post and they won’t put an edit button.

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