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Flashback: Pre-Election Day On 60 Minutes – Trump Nails Hunter Biden Story, Leslie Stahl Lies

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Last week, the New York Times decided to finally admit that the story originally reported by the New York Post in October 2020 detailing the incriminating contents of a Hunter Biden laptop is legitimate. The Times was a day late and a dollar short, waiting over a year to confirm what everyone else already knew, and burying the admission in the 24th paragraph of an article titled “Hunter Biden Paid Tax Bill, But Federal Investigation Goes On.”

Even when confessing, the Times must try and spin the story towards their narrative with a ridiculous headline.

In reality, the New York Times lost their credibility years ago for episodes exactly like this one. But for the left and their media, if the New York Times says something then it must be true. It is for this reason that once the Times gave their stamp of approval, other leftwing news outlets felt obligated to reluctantly give the Hunter Biden laptop story at least some modest, unenthusiastic coverage.


No one in the mainstream media is innocent with this story. They’ve all sullied their reputations. But one outlet in particular – CBS News and their top-rated show 60 Minutes – made a lasting impression on many of us, and we remember the interview conducted by Leslie Stahl of then-President Donald Trump. Here’s the video:

One of the more striking aspects of Stahl’s response was her condescending dismissiveness of Trump’s point which was undeniably credible at the time, and has now been validated:

Trump: “I wish you would interview Joe Biden like you interview me, it would be so good. You know what?”

Stahl: “You like this, I thought? I thought you liked sparring.”

Trump: “I don’t mind it. But when I watch him walk out of a store, and he’s walking with an ice cream, and the question the media asks him is ‘What kind of ice cream? What flavor ice cream do you have?’ And he’s in the midst of a scandal.”

Stahl: “He’s not. He’s not.”

Trump: “Of course he is.”

Stahl: “No. Oh, come on.”

Trump: “It’s the biggest scandal, it’s the second biggest scandal.”  

Stahl talks to Trump like he’s a naïve child. And when she says, “Oh, come on,” we can practically hear Joe Biden echoing Stahl with his trademark, “C’mon man!”

But what’s most disturbing about this footage is the timing. Note the date of the airing of this episode – October 26th, 2020 – which was only nine days before Election Day. How many viewers watched that show that night and had been on the fence on whom to vote for? How many voters cast a vote for Biden nine days later that might have otherwise cast it for Trump if Leslie Stahl had been honest?

When folks talk about 2020 being a ‘rigged election,’ this type of footage, along with hundreds of other examples, is the best evidence. We may still be waiting for widespread voter fraud in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania to be proven in court, but there are mountains of evidence such as this video showing the mainstream media putting their thumbs on the scale of the election. The media were the ones rigging the election, and that is the real scandal: The media’s dereliction of duty in the lead up to November 3, 2020.


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Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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  1. CBS NEWS IS GUILTY of misleading, lying and feeding propaganda to the American Public. Both before and AFTER the election.

    Washington Post, New York Times, NBC News, ABC News, MSNBC News, CBS News, CNN, National Public Radio, ALL were in, and are presently in, on dousing the Citizens of America with their anti-American

    What can the Public do to rid ourselves of these lairs? TURN OFF, TURN CHANNEL, NEVER WATCH, READ OR LISTEN, to any one of these communist, socialist, anti-American, democrat lying media sources.

  2. And tar and feather them criminals all! Put em in a pillory and bring tourists back to DC. January 6 patriots can sell tickets and Trumpie Bears to tourists.

  3. Totally agree… the media rigged the election with both their lies and lack of reporting the truth. They are puppets of the Democratic party. Sadly, there are few other media outlets to report the truth and The NY Crimes and major networks will never do their jobs as journalists. And even worse, more than 50% of the population voted for a president with serious mental issues.

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