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Why has Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski been targeted?

The answer to the headline question is simple. Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Calgary speaks the truth and is not afraid of the petty tyrants in Canada.

As recently reported, Pawlowski was arrested earlier this week which was his fifth arrest over the last two years under the COVID-19 authoritarianism. He was preparing to leave his home in Calgary to give a church service to truckers in Alberta when cops grabbed him and took him to jail.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the propaganda arm of the Canadian government, reported the prosecutors allege he “incited violence in Coutts.” The town of Coutts is where truckers have blocked the border between Montana and Alberta.

The alleged incitement of violence came in a speech Pawlowski gave to the truckers last week. The 19-minute video is worth every second for everyone to watch.

“I believe the eyes of the world are fixed on this place, right here …. You are the heroes of this solidarity movement,” Pawlowski said. “Don’t you dare break the line. The whole world is watching you …. And Americans are saying this to us, ‘when you’re done with your tyrants, please come to America and help us do the revolution.’”

In his speech, Pawlowski inspires the truckers to stand strong and demand the government cease its tyranny immediately. And, this so-called violent pastor said: “I’m talking about peaceful resolution. I’m not talking about guns and swords.”

Indeed, Pawlowski reiterated several times that he opposes violence. In fact, it’s the government’s goons given badges and guns committing the violence.

Pawlowski told the truckers this fight was not only about them, it was about all Canadians. In fact, it’s about all the future Canadians in the generations to come who will either see freedom or the chains of tyranny depending on the will and backbone of those citizens fighting today.

“We’re not asking any more. We’re demanding …. I did not immigrate here for my children to be enslaved again,” Pawlowski said. Noting his several arrests, he added: “And I’m still standing in front of you. How come? Because our God is bigger than their god. Because we stand on the right side of history. Because we are doing what is right and just. We are doing this for our children.”

Pawlowski noted he can be arrested at any time and yet he’s not hiding. That’s in contrast to the “coward snake” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As an immigrant from Poland, Pawlowski said he understands tyranny having grown up under it. He said thousands of Polish citizens were arrested and tortured in their fight for freedom, and that was a small price to pay.

Pawlowski noted the images from past arrests in which he peacefully gets on his knees while the cop-holes, as his brother Dawid describes them, violently drag him away. Yet, he’s the one called violent.

Ultimately, Pawlowski’s message was to not be afraid of being arrested. They are on the right side.

“Yes, some of you might be arrested,” Pawlowski said. “Some of you might pay the price. I’m not going to kid you that it’s pleasant and beautiful on concrete in jail facing the biggest guns in the country. It’s not. They don’t treat us well over there, especially when you’re a pastor.”

Pawlowski added: “Three days on concrete and two nights, every half hour they banged on my door, they did not allow me to sleep for three days and two nights, they roughed me up, they stripped me naked, they put chains on my legs and yet I’m still here with you. Those people don’t play fair. They’re coming here with their badges and they’re telling you that they represent the law? No, they represent lawlessness. They are gangsters for the biggest mafia that there is. And it’s up to you now, for the first time in two years, to rise up and to stand up and to hold the fort.”

Even after his fifth arrest for speaking to truckers, Pawlowski’s message remains the same.

“I’ll say to anyone that’s listening. Hold the line. Hold the line. Stand strong. Don’t give up,” Pawlowski said in an interview with Rebel News from behind bars. “Sooner or later, villains will fail. Sooner or later the truth will be manifested for the whole world to see. That’s why they’re doing this to me because they’re terrified of that truth. They know that they’ve been lying. They know that they’ve been breaking the law the last two years. They know that, and they’re afraid of anyone telling the public what’s going on. Hold the line. Hold the line. Don’t give up.”

Pawlowski said he’s been given three criminal charges: mischief, interfering with critical infrastructure and not keeping the peace. He said he was interrogated for four hours as the cops tried to extract information about the truckers.

“I said to them what we want … is to be treated as humans,” Pawlowski said.

Pretty simple request, don’t you think?

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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