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Which States Are More Likely To Have Low Crime Rates, Those With Or Without Strict Gun Laws?

The Blue State Conservative

Democrats want to end civilian gun ownership, and they will do and say anything to make that happen. Gabby Giffords, who survived a gunshot wound to the head, decided that gave her the credibility to run a gun confiscation group.

She is entitled to her opinion, but we are too, so sometimes I like to call her Grabby Giffords.

Grabby is to gun-grabbing what pink-sneakered Wendy Davis was to baby-killing, or Muppet Greta was to Green Marxism. Another golden calf to be paraded around in pursuit of socialist ends. A vehicle for government power grabs.


Greta outgrew her usefulness. Davis (Abortion Barbie) still runs for political office and loses (but Minuzo did sell a lot of sneakers to other baby killers in the Democrat party). And Gifford had to retire when the lying was too much for her injured brain to bear.

However, Giffords name and story were good enough to collect a pool of money and a room full of anti-self-defense Marxists to spend it. The by-product (aside from her asstronaut husband Mark Kelly managing to become a US Senator) is the Giffords Law Center which regurgitates Left-Wing anti-gun propaganda to pursue total civilian disarmament as if that will stop the violence.

Mao, Stalin, and Hitler would be proud.

Anti-Gun Giffords Inc. has a scorecard on which states like New Hampshire and Main get an F. Both have constitutional carry, and they also consistently have the lowest crime rates in the nation, year after gun-toting year.

How does Grabby pull this off? They count guns used in suicides as gun violence.

But using the left’s language, isn’t that self-administered death with dignity? Messy, sad, unpleasant, and probably due to years of liberal policy pressure, but even if it violates the existing criminal code, it is not a violent crime against anyone else. But that gun wasn’t used to deny someone else’s life the way, say, a makeshift noose manages to kill someone in their holding cell after the camera suddenly stops working.


Suicide is a sad thing, but if that’s their standard for “crime,” the Democrat party has a lot for which to answer. As a collective (a term they like), Democrats are responsible for more, not just individual but generational harm, poverty, misery, murder, and suicide, than perhaps any group in American history.

Grabby Gifford Law center is another tool to ensure these harms continue as Democrats advance gun policy in whose wake follows chaos, crime, and tyranny. People are left defenseless to wait for the police, whom the same party insists is racist and hates them.

Cities that have more gun crime in a week than New Hampshire and Maine see in a year.

That’s the template for America, so if public safety is a concern and you plan to travel, the Giffords’ map is handy. The worse the grade, the safer you’ll likely be.


Content syndicated from with permission.

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