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Watching Dems Self-Destruct is Fun

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The Democrat Party is in complete disarray. They have no leader. They have no mission. They have knelt to their radical left, and they may as well have taken a cyanide pill. They are a doomed plane spiraling out of control, praying as they wait to hit the ground.

Overly dramatic? No. When the Party hitched their wagon to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020, they decided their demise. The end was delayed by a complicit media and a focused hatred for Donald Trump. They successfully got Trump out of the White House after a single term. But other than negating every Trumpaccomplishment, they had nothing positive to move the country forward.

CNN is symbolic of the Democrat Party. CNN played a massive role in getting Biden elected. They played up the Russian Hoax and buried the Hunter Biden enterprise to sell exposure to his father to hostile governments for millions of dollars. They ignored that Biden was in his basement in Delaware until his election was successful and any talk of election impropriety was labeled conspiracy.

CNN ratings are in the tank. Their numbers are down an unfashionable 90%, their Prime Time Duo of Cuomo and Lemon are gone and going, Zucker has resigned, and there is no indication of future viability. Even over at MSNBC, their number one rated host, Rachel Maddow, is stepping away for a “break.” The biased reporting of these two networks is finally coming back to haunt them.

The Democrats allowed the radical fringe group of inexperienced members of The Squad to dictate the platform for Biden and Harris. These people are one-dimensional in their belief that America is an evil country built on slavery and governed by racists. They have nothing positive to offer, which is verified by their lack of successful legislation

Once Biden ran out of ink with all of his executive orders, his campaign promises and signature initiatives have hit a stone wall. He did manage to get a watered-down infrastructure bill passed, but he disappointed many in his Party by how much remained on the editing room floor. The 50/50 Senate will stymie any significant legislature in his second year. If he keeps denigrating Manchin and Sinema, they may jump to the other side, and his Presidency will be DOA. Without the use of Harris’s tie-breaking vote, any Supreme Court nominee may never see a black robe of the High Court.

We are seeing their new plan this week. The administration put Harris in a drawer to prevent further damage. Biden is back-tracking on many of his initial planks, such as his newfound support for the Police. He threw them his Crack Pipe plan as a bone for The Squad, or was that for Hunter? Either way, the program is causing many to question his mental stability.

The Democrats are looking at less than nine months until the Red Wave hits them in November. They are in a deeper hole than the Patriots were against the Falcons, but there is no Brady on the field and no Belichick in the White House. This year, a diverse team rather than a competent one will sink the Party. Biden cannot ditch any of these people as it will offend a fringe group. He is stuck with his lousy team and has no plan.

Though being a spectator to this Jenga game may give some pleasure, it is the American people that this inept leadership team in Washington will hurt. We have to hope the country is strong enough to survive the remainder of the year and minimize the damage. We also have to select the right candidates with a solid plan to win in November and hit the ground running in January. That is our mission, and we need to outperform Team Biden that is playing for a number one pick.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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