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The Systemic Issue That Left-Wing Identitarians Ignore

Left-wing identitarians are a group of people on the left who push identity politics. They value victim status over all else. Victim status does not mean that somebody has suffered, but that they are in a class which is supposedly oppressed by straight white men. If you are black, you suffer under the system, and if you are gay you are discriminated against by Christians, and if you are trans, the existence of your very identity is attacked, and this is the greatest evil because identity is the greatest good. The only way to solve this issue is for the group to coalesce into one body and fight the systemic issue that plagues their everyday life.

Considering that almost no one, even on the left, actually believes that there is a malevolent system that exists solely to oppress marginalized groups, it can be assumed that the goal of identity politics is to indoctrinate people. First, you either find someone who is in a “marginalized” group or you convince someone to join one of these groups, and then you teach them about the systemic issues they face. Finally, you tell them that the only way to fix this issue is to vote for the heroic leader of the Democratic party — Joe Biden.

The most common group targeted for this indoctrination into the leftist identity cult are those with dark skin. Critical race theory is an idea from academia that states that racism is deeply ingrained into every system, and that even if an individual does not claim to be racist, by supporting the system, they have a form of unconscious racism. They support this theory by showing that black people have statistically worse outcomes, but then they ignore the reason this is true because they do not actually want to solve any systemic issues. They just want free votes for their political party.

If the left-wing identitarians really wanted to do something about systemic issues, they might want to first look inwards towards their own institutions. The main systemic issue black people face is generational poverty. But, this is not solely a racial issue — all poor people in all poor areas are far more likely to face this. Democrats could not accept this because then they would have to support the poor, but this is not a sustainable political solution because if you support the poor, the poor become rich, and there is no reason left to support that party.

I am not accusing Democrats of holding secret conventions where they cook up evil plans to keep black people oppressed so that they can blame an economic crisis on systemic racism, but this political strategy has been implemented, even if it has been implemented unconsciously. It is a form of political evolution where bad strategies die out, and good strategies survive. This mechanism works through a positive feedback loop where good political strategies bring people in, and these people use the same tactics to bring more people in, and this creates a vicious cycle where evil political strategies evolve, even where there is no intent to cause harm.

Identity politics is indeed one of these strategies, but for it to work, the groups must be kept down. With race, the way this works is that black people are already disproportionately affected by poverty due to historical factors, and these poor communities are plagued by poor education, so schools lack the resources to adequately train students, students are often troubled by things that take their attention away from education, and overall, it can be challenging for students to get a proper education.

This is a major problem because it is harder to get into college, and even if you get in there may be reasons that it is nearly impossible to attend college, for example people from these areas are more likely to have to support a family at a young age. In and of itself, this would not be a problem, but the problem is that it is now nearly impossible to even get even an entry-level job without a degree. This systemically keeps poor people impoverished, but the right is not to blame for this phenomenon. Credentialism has pervaded nearly every aspect of left wing culture.

If you do not have a PhD, you are not qualified to make medical decisions, and you are relegated to listening to Science. Similarly, if you have not attended a left-wing college, you are not worthy of a job. This culture of credentialism is responsible for nearly all the systemic issues that America faces, but Leftists turn a blind eye to this because colleges align with their political views, and are viewed as infallible. Until the educational system is corrected, and credentialism is stopped, the left will continue to point at “the system,” but no blame will ever  be put upon the educational system, or the culture of credentialism that is responsible for the real systemic issue.

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