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The Partial Covid Mandate

Nothing Says Master/Slave Better

For the life of me, I will never understand how it is that the entire world does not seem to be able to see the forest for the trees. The issue isn’t and never has been whether a vaccine mandate is appropriate or justified but has instead been the two critical questions “What is the logic?” and “Why is Congress exempt?”. “How does my not putting on a bulletproof vest pose a danger to those who do?” and “In what universe do I have to do what you don’t have to do?”

The obviousness and complete avoidance of these two central questions is proof positive that nefarious people are directing the narrative and most people are either not smart enough to understand the issue or completely willing to ignore it at the behest of their masters.

Nothing says master/slave like “you have to take an experimental and indisputably dangerous shot ordered by rulers as they exempt themselves from the order”. And it is only amplified when they say the reason you have to do it is that your failure to protect yourself threatens those who do protect themselves by taking a drug that doesn’t actually work to protect anyone. Being forced to put your life at risk based on a non-sequitur is simply beyond the pale. And yet, I never hear anyone demanding to understand how it is that A = -A.

When people obsequiously obey the completely illogical rantings of their leaders, I have little reason to wonder if salvation is possible. It is like when the battered wife repeatedly returns to their abuser. At some point, you just have to let them go. How do you save a society that so meekly accepts completely nonsensical arguments?

I wonder if the civil war was just a waste of time. Back then, a small subgroup was on a plantation and now, we are all being put on the government plantation. They will ‘vaccinate’ us like cattle, dictate what we can say or not, execute people who cause problems and deny us any sort of self-determination. It looks like most would rather be fed in a zoo than forced to survive in the wild. Maybe the reality is many would rather have nothing and be happy than to fight for self-determination.

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  1. It is sad kind of beyond belief of how easily we the people are led to slaughter. The zoo concept is a good example of this. A good read thank’s✌

  2. There should be a new mandate requiring ALL democrats in the US and all Trudeauians in Canada to wear masks. This mandate should be imposed immediately and remain effective in perpetuity to ensure the instant identification and avoidance of democrats and their Canadian ilk. Segregation, not by race but rather by ideology, is critical to the achievement of a safer, more comfortable existence for the unmasked majority. Mandate that all democrats/Trudeaunatics don their facial armbands of recognition whenever they are outside to ensure the safety and security of the rest of us.

    Help beautify America and Canada by supporting mask mandates for the wretched democrat and Trudeauculite!

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