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The Fight To Keep America From The Claws Of Woke, Corrupt Government Begins In Earnest

The old, leftist phantom of global warming/climate change is once again raising its corrupt, lying head from deep within the Biden administration. So far the federal court set to hear Joey Biden’s confused reasoning as to why trillions of dollars should be misappropriated to offset the “social costs” (the left’s term for the cost of carbon pollution) of greenhouse gas emissions that Joey claims is harming America, has been decided in favor of the plaintiff states and their attorneys general, but you can bet the leftist fools in the Biden administration will appeal the decision and be right back in our faces with more of their intended takeover of industry in America, along with the destruction of the pleasant lives we all live in current-day America.

The “social costs” B.S. is only secondarily about economics (the so-called “social costs” that are making the radical left lose sleep at night) but is primarily about the American constitution and our liberties and freedom. Democrats gleefully strip our rights from us in exchange for their imagined environmental occurrences, and they want our liberties in exchange for their political gain.

Biden single-handedly began his latest move to make all vehicles electric instead of internal combustion, and the electricity to make everything run in his perfect world must come from wind or solar, not coal, gas or nuclear power. Never forget that Biden killed the Key Stone pipeline on his first day in office, and look at the misery and inflation this has cost in just a year, and Biden is pushing for more such destruction during his last three years.

All of this foolishness and harm to Americans is based on the lying, completely unproved and unprovable theory of warming/change, which the radical left attributes to driving automobiles and heating and cooling your homes. The whole warming/change thing is a total fabrication lacking zero evidence of being anything measurable or understood.

It’s a shame when an American citizen who is an aged, retired, veteran taxpayer has to be more concerned about keeping the current presidential Democrat office-holder from taking American citizens’ constitutional rights to live freely and prosperously away from them based on the continued lie of weather changes related to too much CO2 in the air, than to live comfortably the rest of his/her life and enjoy their lifetime of work and savings. The political left are simply environmental terrorists who have depended on a constant harangue of lies and threats to frighten people into believing that we must dismantle the greatest nation on earth and make it more like Cuba and North Korea.

But instead of enjoying retirement Americans have to keep an eye on big government and try to alert our fellow Americans to the threats to their very way of life, and their reduced ability to seek their own path to happiness, instead of the Democrat path to perdition and suffering, while trying to anticipate the next destructive move AOC and Bernie will make. Our own government is trying to make us less comfortable and less wealthy instead of assuring our safety and security in a very dangerous world; it sort of reminds us of the way German citizens must have felt in 1936 when Hitler began putting “deplorable” citizens in concentration camps and threatening to invade one country after another, and how helpless German citizens must have felt to not be able to stop the Furher’s rush to power and violence and his attempts to silence descent and contrary thought as the Nazi/fascist government moved toward war and suffering and the eventual destruction of Germany, in spite of its many centuries-long contributions to civilization and society.

American conservatives won round one against the Biden fascist team by convincing the judge hearing the climate/change case that the “social cost” of carbon pollution could not be calculated, but a more important point is that leftists think they can base the worth of a nation and the worth of the lives of citizens of that nation on any monetary cost they consider necessary to offset.

One would suggest that living well in a clean nation cannot be expressed in the crass terms of monetary value, and it’s a certainty that depending on the on-and-off availability of sun to power solar plants and wind to power turbine generators, could easily leave America without power to support our lives, and that impossible-to-calculate cost should overrule the entire “social cost” of the Biden administration and bury it forever. But we know that leftists never give up on their unrelenting quests for power, so they’ll appeal, get a leftist judge to agree with their stupid “social costs“, and the battle will continue. But this is a battle for the life of our nation, so it cannot be lost.

Democrat politicians will soon be using “health emergencies” based on too much “carbon pollution”, and the destruction they will do with this new “emergency” will make forced lockdowns and masking mandates seem like a day in the park. Their insistence that hurricanes are more numerous and more destructive today than they were years ago is wrong on both counts, and has no basis in science nor human experience. We must oppose our leftist politicians at every step and not allow them to take over our nation for their own selfish satisfaction for something to do to entertain themselves.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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