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Opinion, It’s not about Trump

Is history talking to us & what was the purpose of Trump? I see the awakening of America, we were told “America First,” & that made us feel good & it was good. Now we don’t feel too good about a whole lot of things. However, we see that American Spirit on the horizon & yes, “we the people,” want our “America First,” back, as well as reinforcing that “American Spirit.”

My belief is Trump rose at a time in history when America needed his presence. That trusting leadership, through such difficult distracting times, proved to be what America needed. Many Americans realize that leadership, is needed as we live today. The start of that process will occur in November as that “American Spirit,” moves the process of elections. A critical election that could result in Americans putting a stop to the bleeding of our govt, of our “Republic.” That should be the only goal we all contemplate. That is all we need to accomplish for now.

“America First” is further down the road & we must forever be diligent as we move closer to that time. So, let’s be clear, this isn’t about Trump, even if he becomes the next President. This is about the American concepts he believes in, his policies, all guided by the founding of this “Republic,” quite simply Trump believes in this Republic, in America. Of course, the left will come out with more Trump attacks, the problem the left has is they concentrate on attacking the person because they are unable to attack his beliefs in America. Comically, they keep failing when it comes to evidence, they never had any.

So, will Trump be back? More importantly, I believe his policies will be back because America needs them, Americans realize our work is incomplete. We know how America was during his Presidency, Americans prospered, America was safe on the world stage. The American belief system was secure, although under constant attack by those with un-American beliefs.

If we pay attention, although hidden by the media, we find this isn’t just about America. There is a worldwide movement underway. Protestors from France to Canada are not protesting in support of Trump. They are protesting in support of that American Spirit called Freedom, that’s all they want. The Canadian Prime Minister said Trump supporters were supporting the Canadian Truckers, failing to realize ‘Trump Supporters,’ support freedom, they are still trying to blame Trump, for that very reason they are doomed to fail.

But our work isn’t done, we still need to keep politicians honest, to protect our children, to protect our freedoms, we still need to be active in preserving our Republic & we are. Across America, Americans are standing up & making their voice heard, we are fighting for our freedoms as we always have. So go about your lives with the confidence that you are not alone, there are millions of Americans behind you who feel as you do. Yes, we are going to win & the Republic will survive.

To be honest, I would love to see another Trump-Clinton run for the Presidency, let that American Spirit decide which direction is best for America once & for all.

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Frank D. Lovell

A 74-year-old conservative writer from Florida.

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One Comment

  1. Trump was elected President because he made the election ALL ABOUT AMERICA…and not about something or someone else….President Trump made us all look at our nation and appreciate all the freedoms we had been given since birth in this country.
    Belief in Freedom IS AMERICA…that is why this nation was created and why this nation will endure these socialist communist attacks from ALL MEDIA and all people that are ANTI AMERICA…and be sure of that fact, many of our politicians are anti America. The proof is in when they want to TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS…
    Come election time, AMERICAN VOTERS, you must put freedom before all else, otherwise this nation will become another socialist communist nation where freedom is a bad word.

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