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MOMMA BEAR: Watch This Parent’s Awesome Tirade At Her School Board Meeting

The Blue State Conservative

A video made the rounds on Twitter yesterday of a Virginia Momma Bear absolutely laying into the superintendent and her school board toadies for their two-year-long inhumane and indefensible treatment of children. Outraged at the continued mask policy despite common sense, scientific proof, and nominal political protection from the new Republican governor, this mom didn’t hold back.

First, some basic facts on the masks worn in school. They don’t work. They don’t work now, and they didn’t work in the spring of 2020. It was known long before Covid that cloth and surgical masks already provided little protection from particles measuring in nanometers. Every major study ever written said as much. Add to that improper use of untrained wearers (especially already-germy kids) and the minimal benefits decline further. I could be easily convinced they even do more medical harm than good. So, after two years of calling DOJ-labeled domestic terrorists like this mom a conspiracy theorist as well, even the CDC has come out with new recommendations to wear N95s – admitting cloth masks don’t offer the necessary protection. 

Welcome to the party. Still, schools and experts forced these disgusting and damaging diapers on our most precious and vulnerable demographic.

Here’s some questions Fauci, Walensky, and these other hacks need to be asked: If they knew masks didn’t work, why did they force us to wear them? Do they believe that the trade-off of hiding kids’ and teachers’ faces, despite no evidence masks worked or that schools were ever vectors of transmission anyways, in exchange for stunting human connection, emotional well-being, and social development was worth it? We won’t learn anything new, but it’d be nice for them to dig their holes deeper in plain and recorded view.

Science aside, the politics behind these child-crushing were also unmasked during this fighting woman’s truth-telling verbal tirade. In her closing remarks, she reminded Superintendent LaTonya McDade that a previous explanation for mandatory masking hid behind then-Democrat Governor Ralph Northram’s unscientific edict that schools must enforce their use. Not my decision, claimed the person making a salary of over $300,000.

Citing the newly-inaugurated Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s abolition of the mask mandates, what excuse could the overpaid and unimpressive superintendent offer now? The entire video is a gem of truth, reason, common sense, and justified passion. McDade simply had no response other than a presumed sigh when the three-minute timer signaled the end of her public chiding.

Amazingly, this video and others like it are causing quite a stir. As of this writing, the website for the Prince William County School District is not working. I can only surmise that plenty of regular folks like me are curious about not only the now-illegal language and enforcement of masking policies, but since it is Virginia, likely the BLM/LGBT curriculum as well. Basically, we all want to know how else they are harming young people. My guess is in a lot of ways.

While it is admirable and necessary to see parents step up to the plate and demand a change at their local level and also see Virginia’s governor rewriting the aims of the Department of Education, ripping off masks and removing BLM/1619/CRT-based language and replacing it with ideas like skills, merits, and opportunities, is simply not enough. While it’s a victory in the moment, what happens when Democrats inevitably take control of the state again? 

Rather than work within the constraints of failed systems like the Department of Education, conservative leaders need to think bigger. They can’t just reimagine these institutions, they need to erase them. To the south, Youngkin’s Republican colleague in South Carolina introduced legislation to work towards privatizing the education of his state’s youth through a voucher system. As with my bravo to this mom, another bravo to this governor. Only when the government monopoly on poisoning your and my kids with toxic ideas and fomenting wide scale mental illness is abolished will real change and meaningful education take place.

We cannot fix government schools. They are inherently set up to fail our young people. Whether that is through the present-day model of indoctrination, the dumbing down of content, the graduation of illiterate 18-year-old students, or the unquestioned allegiance to dues-paying members (who enter college with some of the lowest GPAs from high school and miraculously graduate from college with one of the highest collective GPAs), there is too much wrong to try merely correcting for compounding shortcomings.

Instead, there is only one solution: The involvement of the immediate family – you know, the opposite of what potential governor Terry McAulliffe and the national teachers’ unions proclaim. Families nurture their children until they are school age, after which their foundational morality and academics is well entrenched, and then only families can meaningfully shape their children’s development. A voucher system, which equalizes the playing field for rich and poor alike, gives that power to parents. 

Pass it along. In the meantime, just pull your kids out. You’ll never regret it.

Content syndicated from with permission.

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