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Knucklehead Of The Week: Jen Psaki Says Our Sanctions Have “Worked”

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It’s difficult to remember a more consequential week than this one, with war raging on the European continent for the first time since World War II. One would hope to see Americans, particularly those in positions of power and influence, step up to the plate with honesty, resolve, and intelligence, but that was not the case. Instead, we saw repeated examples of deceit, apprehension, and buffoonery. Contenders for the week’s top knucklehead included nitwit Nancy Pelosi, baffled Joe Biden, and one of our runners-up, brainless Joy Behar. Forced to decide, we ultimately landed on our witless White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki.

Winner: Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki demands you ignore your lying eyes, insisting that the Administration’s sanctions strategy with Russia has “worked.”

As difficult as it is to believe, today marks the first time that Ms. Psaki’s knuckleheadedness has propelled her to the week’s top spot. After all of those “circle back” sidesteps and repeated arrogant pearl-clutching, it took this week’s ‘the emperor is wearing clothes’ moment to finally earn her the crown… and earn it she did.


While it wasn’t until late Wednesday evening that Russian troops began their all-out butchery in Ukraine, the world had already learned that morning that Russian troops had indeed made their way into Ukraine, and the long-awaited and dreaded invasion of the sovereign nation had begun. With that news came the undeniable realization that all the tough talk and threats of sanctions by Western leaders against Russian President Vladimir Putin had fallen on deaf ears. The approach had failed miserably.

This reality was evident to virtually everyone, with the apparent exception of Ms. Psaki. During her daily press conference on Wednesday, hours after reporting on Putin’s invasion had been visible virtually everywhere we looked, Psaki was pressed by a reporter on why the administration had adamantly refused to apply unilateral sanctions against Russia prior to the invasion. This was Psaki’s inexplicable response:

“We made the assessment — others can have different assessments — that this would be a way to achieve the outcome that we’ve now achieved. Others can have different assessments [but] there’s no proof or evidence that their approach would have worked. Ours has worked.”

Absolutely dumbfounding.

Considering the way in which Democrats and their media have been trying to change the definitions of words (e.g. ‘racism,’ ‘gender,’ and ‘white supremacy’), perhaps the first question we would need to answer in trying to understand Psaki’s statement would be to define the word “worked.”

By “worked,” does Psaki mean that holding off on sanctions resulted in Ukraine’s imminent collapse? By “worked,” does she mean that it was our goal all along to allow Russia to overrun their neighbor? By “worked,” does our favorite press secretary mean that we wanted the rest of the world to think America is a paper tiger led by a feckless Commander-in-Chief? If that’s the new definition of the word “worked,” then Jen Psaki is absolutely correct. If not, and if the word “worked” continues to be synonymous with “succeeded,” then Psaki is either lying or an idiot; or both.

If this is what success looks like Jen, can you please explain: What would events have looked like if you had failed?


Even if Biden had issued sanctions last month or last year, it’s unlikely that they would have made any difference. The Biden mistake that truly caused the downfall of Ukraine was his utter disaster in the handling of Afghanistan last summer. We didn’t need to pull all our troops, and we certainly didn’t need to do so with our tail between our legs as we left billions of dollars of military equipment for the Taliban.

The Afghanistan debacle sent a clear message – Biden is weak, and by proxy so is America. So come, all you global tyrants, come and take advantage of America’s feebleness. You need not worry about Joe Biden putting up much of a fight.

While Jen Psaki can try and pretend that things with Ukraine are going swimmingly, we can guarantee that bad actors like the despots in China, Iran, and North Korea are under no such delusions. Since Putin was able to simply stroll into Ukraine and plunder as he pleases, the other bad guys on the world stage are licking their chops.

Perhaps Jen Psaki is unable to differentiate when her audience is just a bunch of brainwashed Democrats, and when her audience is citizens of the world. But as Jen and so many other Democrats preached to us during the Trump Presidency, words matter. And regardless the cause, and irrespective of Psaki’s motivation, the reality is clear. Jen Psaki is a knucklehead.

Honorable Mention #1: There’s a bloodbath underway in Ukraine, but Joy Behar is worried about her vacation plans.

The baseball hall of fame is in Cooperstown, the pro football hall of fame is in Canton, and if there was a knucklehead hall of fame, it would have to be in either Washington D.C. or Hollywood, and one of the very first inductees would unquestionably be Joy Behar.

With the carnage in Ukraine and thousands having already died, Behar had this to say during an exchange on The View on Thursday, “I’m scared of what’s going to happen in Western Europe too. You know, you plan a trip. You want to go there. I want to go to Italy for four years and I haven’t been able to make it because of the pandemic.” It’s hard not to feel sorry for Joy, we’re sure she needs a break. So, here’s a solution.

News networks like Behar’s employer ABC are always looking for solid reporting, and it’s likely that they could use one of those embedded reporters – you know, the ones that are really close to the action and have to wear helmets and bulletproof vests – so, why not send Joy? ABC could set aside a few hours for a layover in Italy, let Joy see some sights and annoy some unsuspecting Italians, and then they could send her into Kyiv. Problem solved.

Honorable Mention #2: North Carolina Governor takes gas-guzzling caravan to an electric vehicle promotional event.

Leftist hypocrisy isn’t limited to mask-mandating politicians like Gavin Newsom going maskless, race-baiters like Justin Trudeau wearing blackface, or socialists like Bernie Sanders attaining great wealth. We also have climate conmen like North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

On his way to a promotional event extolling the virtues of electric vehicles and touting the installation of government-funded charging stations, Cooper (who is up for re-election this year, North Carolinians) road in a motorcade with gasoline-powered SUVs. His handlers then parked the vehicles by a police station nearby, Cooper changed cars and got into an electric vehicle, and he then rolled proudly up to the event pretending to be a green eco-warrior. Unfortunately for Cooper, the whole exchange was witnessed by a reporter from WSOC in Charlotte. Don’t you just hate when that happens, Governor?

Featured photo by U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I remember Psaki way back when she was one of the mouth pieces for Barrrrack Hussein Obama. She BS’d her way through then as now. Why Fox News or any other Republican or conservative outlet wastes time covering whatever spills out of Psaki’s mouth is questionable at best. Perhaps it’s to stir the pot on the right. Seriously. Someone with her track record of lying and exaggerating beyond that of an LSD aficionado on a trip to the outer planets of another galaxy should be ignored by stable sane individuals….

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