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FREEDOM! Elementary Students Erupt In Cheers When End to Mask Mandate Announced [WATCH]

The Blue State Conservative

In the blink of an eye, Democrats governors around the country are putting a stop to their immoral and illegal abuse of power. Has any science changed? Or have the politics simply changed? The answer could not be more obvious.

Aside from forcing 200 million Americans – either through convincing them through relentless propaganda or threats of unemployment – to inject untested mRNA technology into their bodies, the second gravest sin committed by these monsters has been the suffocation of our children through masking. In addition to the harm of wearing filthy masks for eight straight hours, the never-discussed-until-now, and potentially permanent, damage is the effect hiding faces has on young people’s fundamental emotion development. Studies are also showing (as commonsense has long suggested) it impacts their ability to learn.

This video is simply heartbreaking and gut wrenching. Watch as society’s tiniest political pawns erupt in cheers when their teacher announces the end of blue-state mask mandates:

Shame on anyone that supported this. Whatever the risk of Covid – and to be sure it approaches statistically negligibility – is on kids, masks were imposed without thought to the myriad other considerations. Seeing faces? Feeling connected? Picking up social cues? Sharing smiles and laughter? Mimicking mouth movements? Hearing words accurately? The unbridled joy at getting hints of a normal and critical world back means this moment is not missed by kids.

For the entire pandemic, society and parents have been clueless as to what our young people are going through. Sure, they see the data on increased suicide ideation, on increased suicides, on depression, anxiety, and mental illness, but they are so self-absorbed with their own irrational Covid fears that far too many people willingly cower behind their own kids. This single-variable equation, as mentioned above, pretends that Covid is the only thing worth considering.

The worst part is that the ruling class, elites, and powers that be all knew the con they were running. A compilation of the contemptible Leanna Wen was produced by the Daily Caller which shows her happily reading off the party script. She was saying we needed kids in masks and vaccinated right up until last week, when suddenly she shifted to preaching individuality responsibility and mask-free schools. She is pure evil. Watch:

I get livid thinking about how the Covid response – not Covid, mind you, but the response – has inflicted untold and unknown harm on the very group of people we should be dying to defend. And, although the government and its media accomplice planted the seeds of fear and anxiety, at every step of the way parents willingly obliged with the abuse of their own children in the name of safetyism. Parents are not free of guilt and responsibility in this life-altering pandemic theater.

These children hate masks. They hate the Covid response. They will grow up to one day hate anyone that vaccinated them and forcefully hid their faces out of fear of their own mortality. Our politicians used children as pawns in this pandemic. And parents happily obliged.

History will not look back on this kindly. Nor should it.

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