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Clueless Or Conniving? Adam Schiff Lauds Biden’s “Shrewd” Handling Of Ukraine [Video]

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The onset of last night’s carnage in Ukraine came after one of the more absurd displays we’ve seen by members of our federal legislature during House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s weekly press briefing yesterday, led by one of the more familiar faces among House Democrats.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) may be best remembered for his repeated nonsense with the Russia Hoax during the Trump presidency. He rose to national fame (or infamy) when he appeared on CNN on a seemingly nightly basis to claim that he had new evidence showing President Donald Trump had colluded with Russia. It got to the point where his appearances seemed like satire, but they weren’t. And while it’s easy to forget, considering the laughingstock he’d become, Adam Schiff is indeed a powerful man.

As one of 435 members of the House of Representatives, that credential alone makes Schiff influential. But Schiff is more than just an ordinary congressman, he’s a leader in the Democratic Party. Adam Schiff sits as chairman of one of the most critical committees in our federal government: the House Intelligence Committee. And as chair of that committee, he is privy to intelligence that only a handful of other Americans are.

As we learned early yesterday morning, Vladimir Putin’s Russia moved troops into portions of Ukraine. Prior to Pelosi’s briefing, Schiff was undoubtedly updated on the likelihood of the horrific bloodshed that ensued last night. Nonetheless, Schiff decided to step to the podium and pretend that the developments in Ukraine showed President Biden in a positive light; our president had actually done a terrific job leading up to yesterday’s horrific events.

Surprisingly, Schiff’s sermon started out reasonably enough with a refreshing statement of fact when he explained, “Today, Russia has again invaded Ukraine.” Unfortunately, Schiff’s accuracy, sensibility, and efficacy went downhill from there. Watch this clip:

There has been no indication that any of President Joe Biden’s feeble attempts to deter Putin had been even marginally successful, and last night’s relentless attack by Russia is clear evidence. Clearly emboldened by Biden’s disastrous handling of Afghanistan last summer, Putin’s troops essentially waltzed into Ukraine as if they were on a sightseeing tour, and then began their violence in earnest last night. But the relatively unimpeded ease with which the Russians had marched into Ukraine went unnoticed by Schiff, apparently, who offered this assessment of the invasion:

“Because of the very shrewd declassification of intelligence by our president and by our allies, it stripped away any Russian pretext, and laid bare for the world to see that this Russian invasion of Ukraine is nothing more than naked aggression by Vladimir Putin.”

Schiff is hanging Biden’s hat on the idea that since the president declassified some intelligence, Putin can’t make some outrageous claim to try and justify his actions. It’s a ridiculous notion because such optics don’t matter to the Russian leader. Putin will make whatever outlandish claim he wants as justification, facts be damned. Vladimir Putin is very much like members of our own Democratic Party in that regard. Furthermore, who cares about whether Putin can justify his invasion? The fact is Putin had already invaded by the time of Schiff’s photo-op and was poised to begin last night’s slaughter. And it was obvious to anyone who paid attention that Vladimir Putin couldn’t care less about Biden’s shrewdness.

But Schiff wasn’t done. He continued:


“Putin is terrified by the prospect of a democracy at his border, a democracy giving an example to the Russian people of the kind of life and economy they might enjoy if they cast aside their own autocrat.”

That one sentence is indicative of Adam Schiff’s entire mindset. Schiff asserts as fact what is only fantasy. Anyone who’s been watching knows that Putin isn’t terrified of anything. But Schiff wishes Putin was terrified. Schiff yearned for the Russia Hoax to be true. Schiff longs for Joe Biden to be shrewd. But as is the case with all of us, what we wish for are just that: wishes. And since we appear to be throwing out our fantasies… I wish would Adam Schiff would lose in November and just go away.

Make no mistake: what is happening in Ukraine is disastrous, and President Joe Biden’s undeniable timidity and incompetence are largely to blame. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians will likely die in this war. The impact of energy prices on global economies could be catastrophic. And the situation in Eastern Europe has been destabilized to a point we haven’t seen since World War II. This war could have been prevented if we’d had a strong leader in the White House… and perhaps an honest, capable chairperson heading up the House Intelligence Committee.

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