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Biden Admin Wants at Least Half of All Workers Forced Into Unions

The Biden administration has a new plan to grow the size of Democrat campaign coffers everywhere by pushing at least 50% of all workers into labor unions.

The new initiative, championed by Vice President Kamala Harris and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, intends to nudge about 56 million workers to join the 14 million who are currently union-affiliated.

“Our goal is not just to facilitate worker power through executive action — it is to model practices that can be followed by state and local governments, private sector employers, and others,” a report on the new plan stated.

There is a conflict of interest at the core of the plan as the Biden administration intends to use taxpayer funds and government resources to promote unions and distribute pro-union material. In return, union member dues would be funneled to Democratic Party candidates and campaigns as has happened for decades. Big Labor is the largest campaign finance bundler for the DNC.

The quid pro quo doesn’t stop there as the administration would expect unions to toe the line on left-wing social, energy, and economic initiatives.

“Whether it is fighting COVID-19; advancing social and economic equity for underserved communities; tackling climate change and building a modern, sustainable economy; or protecting our democracy, we need a vibrant labor movement,” the report said.

The new report comes just days after President Biden signed an executive order forcing all federally-funded projects to use Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) that force union rules, union hiring and anti-competitive bidding rules on massive infrastructure projects and it appears to build on that costly strategy.

“The report’s recommendations to expand the use of anti-competitive and costly project labor agreements will increase infrastructure project costs by 12% to 20%, reduce competition from the best quality public works contractors and exacerbate the construction industry’s skilled labor shortage by discriminating against the nearly 9 out of 10 members of the construction workforce who choose to be union-free,” said Ben Brubeck, ABC’s vice president of regulatory, labor, and state affairs, in a statement.

The administration’s intended result is to force non-union shops to unionize and their workers to pay union dues – or they won’t get work. Those dues are an advantage to a single party, and that party is pushing this initiative very hard.

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  1. There was a day when Unions, despite their thugery, did actually help workers avoid ‘sweatshop’ conditions and draw a fair pay. However, like that old comfy house slippers, the good wears out and it’s time to toss them in file 13. CONTROL is the sole purpose of Government in this. Like ranchers do with livestock, break the herd into small group in separate corrals and they are easier to CONTROL…..and Big Government knows where you live……This administration has their socks on and now are puttingon their big socialist boots….

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