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The Top Benefits of a Gel Infused Wheelchair Cushion

The keyword that is directly associated with wheelchairs is “mobility.” When a person is seated in a wheelchair, they need comfort that can remain consistent for them as they maneuver from place to place during a day.

Without having the necessary, proper cushion support, the chances are high that wheelchair users will have dealt with several frustrating issues such as temperature problems when the seat becomes way too moist and warm, which can bring about the beginning stages of infection.

Pressure sores may emerge when seated in un-cushioned wheelchairs for long periods and can become even more irritating when having infected, leading to long-term dilemmas.

Also, bad posture is likely to happen as well as it becomes hard to remain upright in wheelchairs as the hours onward. It is usual for typical wheelchair seating to become slippery and an added struggle to readjust your body.

Maintaining soothing support is where gel-infused wheelchair seat cushions come into play, ones that are both lightweight and also easily transportable.

The last thing you need physically and mentally is to be stuck suffering in a painful chair.

Instead, feel supported without an excessive amount of pressure being forced on any particular part of your body.

Gel-infused memory foam wheelchair cushions create a stable foundation. Here are the core benefits of sitting on an Everlasting Comfort’s Gel Infused Wheelchair Cushion.

1. Body Heat Responsive

When the human body generates heat, irritation is undoubtedly on its way. So how does the gel-infused Everlasting Comfort wheelchair cushion come to the rescue in this area?

Responsive to Heat: Being that the Everlasting Comfort’s Gel Infused Wheelchair Cushion is heat responsive, it can respond to your body heat and conform itself to fit your bodily formation to be soft and comfortable enough to support your body keep it steady.

Temperature Control: Without proper ventilation, wheelchair seats overheat ventilation, making it impossible to let existing pressure sores heal.

If the heat stems from body and seat friction, it may, even cooling down the temperature in the room you are in, may not even solve the problem.

Cooling Off: Wheelchair seat cushions offer the cooling comfort you require throughout the day. The best quality wheelchair cushions are infused with gel. Gel has the extraordinary ability to assist with moving heat away from your body to keep you cool. Other cushions are made with special ventilation holes to guarantee you plenty of airflows, preventing the chair from becoming overheated.

Moisture Control: The ability to minimize moisture is tricky with normal wheelchair cushions, even more so if your body is prone to overheating.

Find yourself in the unsatisfying situation of having pressure sore infections. The feeling will be even worse if the juxtaposition of your cushion against your body establishes a hot and damp sitting condition.

The cooler that your wheelchair seat is, the less you will sweat, which leads to less moisture. Ventilation holes promote adequate airflow, which can be magnified with the purchase of moisture-resistant and machine washable covers.

2. Pressure Redistribution

You know you are in the presence of an appropriate wheelchair cushion when you find that you can redistribute pressure while you are sitting on it.

Otherwise, in low-quality wheelchair seats, most of your body weight is concentrated around your tailbone, areas along your thighs, and your hips, which can cause arthritis, pressure sore, and osteoporosis over time.

Creating healthy weight distribution also reduces pressure for those already coping with osteoporosis and arthritis.

3. Improve Your Posture

It is highly common for wheelchair users to struggle to keep up with proper posture, and unfortunately, the aftermath is a series of health problems that can pop up unexpectedly.

Standard wheelchair seats make it way too easy to slide up and down, making healthy posture a rough situation to accomplish without having outside assistance.

Slouching in a wheelchair puts too much strain and pressure on the spine. But with the right gel-infused wheelchair cushion, suddenly sitting up straight all day is simple. How is this possible, you ask?

The suitable wheelchair cushions have no-slip bases with traction to keep them stabilized and are also shaped ergonomically so that both hips are correctly situated.

Ultimately, being able to have pain relief from agonizing aches in the hips, legs, and back are reasons enough for anyone to take a seat on an Everlasting Comfort’s Gel Infused Wheelchair Cushion.

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